Is Kentucky 31 tall fescue good for lawns?

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Is Kentucky 31 tall fescue good for lawns?

Kentucky 31 is one of the older “proven” lawn grass varieties with a light green, coarse texture. K-31 remains popular still because of it’s lower price and good overall usage qualities (drought / wear / easy establishment). This tall fescue grass variety is ideal for average lawn and turf use.

Does Kentucky 31 grass come back every year?

Kentucky bluegrass is what’s known as a perennial, cool-season lawn grass. This means it comes back year after year and grows most vigorously during the cool seasons of fall and spring.

How long does it take Kentucky 31 tall fescue to grow?

7-14 days
Pennington Kentucky 31 Tall Fescue Penkoted Grass Seed will germinate in 7-14 days.

Will tall fescue grass spread?

Unlike grasses that spread by horizontal above- and below-ground stems, tall fescue is a bunch-type grass. It grows in clumps and spreads primarily through vertical shoots called “tillers,” which grow from the base of the grass plant itself.

Will Kentucky 31 choke out weeds?

KBG can spread quite a bit if the soil is balanced and healthy, and your grass is well fed. It can’t choke out weeds if the weeds are growing, but as a KBG lawn gets thicker and thicker, it makes it much harder for weeds and weed seeds to get a foothold.

Does Kentucky 31 tall fescue grow in shade?

1 Though less tolerant of shade than fine fescues, KY-31 is more shade-tolerant than Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass or common warm-season grasses, such as sun-loving Bermudagrass. Like all tall fescue grasses, KY-31 is a bunch-forming grass that naturally grows in clumps.

What is the best time to plant Kentucky 31?

The best time to plant Kentucky 31 is early Spring or Early Fall.

Does tall fescue grass come back every year?

Fescue is a cool-season grass; that means it grows best in the spring and fall when temperatures are cooler, and it struggles during the heat of summer. Under the right conditions, fescue is green year-round, but it can go dormant (brown) during severe heat and drought.

What’s the difference between tall fescue and ryegrass?

Tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea), like ryegrass, has a coarse texture, but its color is typically darker than that of ryegrass. Tall fescue is a sturdy grass, with a high tolerance for drought, heat and wear. It doesn’t handle cold as well, however, and in very cold climates, it may be prone to thinning.

What is the difference between rye and fescue?

Tall fescue is more drought-resistant than perennial ryegrass because of its deeply embedded roots. It grows in full sunlight to partial shade, but cannot withstand extreme cold. Perennial rye tolerates full sun as well, but lesser shade than tall fescue. It has a low tolerance to extreme cold and drought.

Is tall fescue the same as Kentucky 31?

Kentucky 31 is a cool-season grass, meaning its most vigorous growth happens during cooler temperatures of fall and spring. Tall fescues generally have greater heat tolerance than other cool-season grasses, but KY-31 offers better heat and drought tolerance than many tall fescue varieties.

Is Kentucky 31 good grass?

Preferred Use. Kentucky 31 tall fescue and Bluegrass are each suitable for certain applications. The sturdy, independent nature of Kentucky 31 makes it a good choice for playgrounds and it is also grown in fields as hay for livestock, as noted by The University of Kentucky. However, it can provide a durable, good looking lawn if it is thickly seeded.

What is KY 31 grass?

Kentucky 31 is a grass that has been planted widely since 1931. According to the Texas Cooperative Extension , Kentucky 31 is in the Tall Fescue grass family (Festuca arundinacea) and does well in hot summers, cold winters and a range of soils.

When to plant tall fescue grass seed?

Plant tall fescue seed in the fall, between September 15 and the end of October, so the seedlings will have plenty of time to become strong in preparation for the summer heat nine months hence. Sod can be planted when it is available, December – May.

How long for tall fescue to germinate?

When planted in the fall, tall fescue typically germinates in four to 14 days. Many factors affect the speed of germination, including soil pH, temperature and the watering schedule.