Is Decca part of Universal?

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Is Decca part of Universal?

The US Decca label was the foundation company that evolved into UMG (Universal Music Group)….

Decca Records
Parent company Universal Music Group
Founded 1929
Founder Edward Lewis

Are Decca Records worth anything?

Also, some records become highly valued just through association. For instance, records on the Decca or Sun labels, regardless of the artist, are highly prized. Neely covers all genres of music and only lists records that are worth $20 or more.

Who started Decca Records?

Edward Lewis
Jack Kapp
Decca Records/Founders

When did Decca Records start?

1929, London, United Kingdom
Decca Records/Founded

What labels are under universal?

Universal Motown Records
SpinnupUniversal Motown Republic Group
Universal Music Group/Record labels founded

What does Decca stand for?


Acronym Definition
DECCA Department of Commerce and Community Affairs (East Moline, IL)
DECCA Development and Construction Corporation of America

Who owns Universal Records?

Universal Music Group, Inc.
Universal Music Group/Parent organizations

What labels are under Interscope Records?

Associated labels and imprints

  • 19 Recordings (2011–present)
  • 222 Records (2014–present)
  • Aftermath Entertainment (1996–present)
  • Alamo Records (2016–present)
  • Amaru Entertainment (1997–present)
  • AWGE (2016–present)
  • Bad Boy Records (2009–present)
  • Darkroom Records (2016–present)

What kind of records are on the Decca label?

The SET series are also an original Decca label. Decca usually used the SET prefix for records that have a libretto, like Opera boxed sets, Oratorios, and recitals by Singers. But occasionally they used the SET prefix for other records, such as SET 332, Bernstein conducting – and playing – Mozart, and SET 231, Karajan conducting Brahms.

Who are the members of Decca Music Group Limited?

Decca Music Group Limited also includes the Philips Classics label, and those labels are grouped together with the Deutsche Grammophon and ECM labels into the Universal Classics group. Labelcode: LC 0171. This label contains releases on multinational markets.

Which is the third wide band on Decca?

ED3 is the third and last wide band label. They have “Made in England” between 9 & 12 o’clock, round the edge of the label, but they don’t have a groove in the pressing. Again, ED3 is the original label for many SXLs. But where ED2 is the original label, then ED3 is the second label. And where ED1 is the original label, ED3 is the third label.

When did Decca stop using the Deep Groove label?

Although this label design was gradually phased out from 1966 on there are still releases from 1968 that carry this label. Black/silver wide band label, deep groove near the outer edge of the label, rim text at 10 o’clock starts with “Original recording by” This label can only be found on a few SXL releases.