Is Creocote any good?

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Is Creocote any good?

Excellent stain,easy to apply and the colour is fantastic and you can tell it’s quality cabin looks great now I’ve used this creocote…. Excellent stain,easy to apply and the colour is fantastic and you can tell it’s quality cabin looks great now I’ve used this creocote….

Whats the difference between creosote and Creocote?

Creocote is an oil-based, effective treatment for exterior wood developed as a safer, more environmentally friendly alternative to Creosote. Creocote can be applied exactly like its predecessor by either brush or spray, and can be used by the general public as well as the trade.

Is Creocote safe to use near plants?

In the wet state harmful to animals and plants but once dry (48 hours) product is not considered unsafe. Splashes on leaves of plants will cause burns but long term systemic damage is unlikely. May be toxic to bats and bees.

Why has creosote been banned?

Consumer use of creosote has been banned since 2003. Creosote is a carcinogen at any level, and there are significant environmental risks when wood treated with creosote comes into direct contact with soil or water.

Is Creocote a good wood preserver?

It has commonly been used as a wood preservative protecting against wood-destroying insects and wood-rotting fungi. WOCO Creocote can be used on a variety of exterior woods not only to protect and preserve but also to improve grain definition.

Can I paint over Creocote?

Painting over creosote is possible, but it takes a very special base paint and then many layers of a sealer-primer and even a couple coats of a finish paint to complete the job.

Is Bartoline Creocote safe to use?

Inhalation Harmful if inhaled. Vapours may cause headache, fatigue, dizziness and nausea. Ingestion May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways. Entry into the lungs following ingestion or vomiting may cause chemical pneumonitis.

How long does Creocote take to dry?

Using the product as a dip treatment, immerse the wood for upto 20 minutes, but this should be determined by trials to give the desired shade and penetration. The touch-dry time will vary upon the absorbency characteristic of the wood and ambient conditions but typically ranges from 24 to 72 hours.

Can u still buy creosote?

Traditional Creosote can only be sold to Professional Users. However, the product is still available for sale to trades-people. This means the traditional user such as the agricultural community, builders, etc. are still able to purchase Coal Tar Creosote, providing they do not resell to the general householder.

Is Creocote safe when dry?

Children and pets should be kept away from treated timber until they are completely dry. A deeper colour may be attained by applying further treatments. Ready to use – do not dilute. For External use only.

Is Creocote better than fence paint?

The good news is that there is a safer more environmentally version called ‘Creocote’. This Creosote substitute is perfect for use on sheds and fences and is available in light and dark shades of brown.

How does Bartoline creocote oil based wood treatment work?

Product Description Bartoline Creocote is an oil-based wood treatment, effective when applied to exterior timbers. Its oil-based properties provide excellent surface water repellence, improve grain definition and restrict weather damage. Supplied in both traditional light and dark brown shades.

Can you use white spirit instead of creocote?

I use Creocote as well As Armandii said you can get it in 2 colours light and dark brown . If the colour is a little dark for you , you can let it down a touch using white spirit . It smells of creosote for a few days – I love the smell !

Is there a difference between creocote and creosote?

To be honest, I can’t see the difference between Creosote and Creocote, although I’m sure there is, because it looks the same, smells the same and it would probably taste the same if you were daft enough to drink it!!:D I use it for my fences and, as I said, I can’t see the difference. šŸ˜€

What kind of product is barrettine wood preserver?

Barrettine holds over 125 years experience in the development and production of trade quality wood care treatments, backed by their commitment to providing the best possible service. A solvent-based preservative that offers microporous protection against wood rot, fungi, decay and mould.