Is CeMAP a good qualification?

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Is CeMAP a good qualification?

CeMAP® has long been recognised as the leading qualification in the financial services industry, with 80% of mortgage advisors having achieved the certificate. It is truly considered throughout the industry as the benchmark qualification.

Which CeMAP exam is hardest?

By doing CeMAP 1 first, you will have done the hardest part for most people and many people find CeMAP 2 & 3 relatively easy after CeMAP 1.

How many hours does CeMAP take?

230 hours
How long does it take to complete CeMAP? Our regulated, total qualification time for completing CeMAP is 230 hours.

What is the pass rate for CeMAP?

Pass rates for the CeMAP exams will be calculated on a percentage basis for each unit, so you must correctly answer at least 70% to successfully pass that unit. Pass marks are also graded, with 70% plus giving you a pass, 80% plus is a merit and 90% plus is a distinction.

How difficult is the CeMAP qualification?

One reason why some people are tempting to study CeMAP solo is to save the cost of course fees, but the CeMAP exam is a challenging one. There are three exams and you need to score at least 70% to pass each module accurately to pass.

Does CeMAP 1 expire?

You will be pleased to know that the regulatory CeMAP qualification is currently valid indefinitely, so once you have completed your training course and passed all three module exams you will be fully qualified to advise your clients on mortgages and mortgage related products.

Do you need to be good at maths to be a mortgage advisor?

A mortgage advisor must be mathematically literate, though it is not necessary to have a GCSE or A Level in maths. Part of the job is entering information on computer records and looking up information. This requires the advisor to be competent at IT skills.

Are CeMAP exams hard?

Does CeMAP expire?

Is CeMAP qualification hard?

Are Mortgage Advisors in demand?

Despite recent challenges, mortgage careers can actually be a very good choice in the current economic climate. With the introduction of stricter regulation and tougher mortgage applications, there is growing demand for qualified mortgage advisors to help borrowers understand their options and make the right choices.

Is CeMAP equivalent to a degree?

The Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice is officially registered as a Level 3 qualification, making it equivalent to an A level or college qualification.

Can you email Paul Archer for CeMAP 2?

You can email Paul at any time, using the Learning Management System, with questions but Paul can’t take phone calls as he’s in demand and very busy. Each week Paul will be running a live Q&A session online both for CeMAP 1 and CeMAPs 2 and 3.

How long is CeMAP 1 and 2 live recording?

CeMAP 2 Audio CeMAP 2 Audio MP3 – Live Recording – 430 minutes £19.99 inc VAT – Immediate Download CeMAP 1 and 2 Audio Combined CeMAP 1 and 2 Audio MP3 – Live Recording – 974 minutes £34.99 inc VAT – Immediate Download A saving of £5 CeMAP Revision Guides CeMAP 1 Revision Guide – 2020/2021 Edition

Are there any CeMAP products that are up to date?

CeMAP Products All our materials are fully up to date with the London Institute of Banking and Finance syllabus for 2020/21. All recent purchasers can have their digital product updated free of charge. You have access to dozens of multi-sensory CeMAP products designed to help you pass the mortgage adviser examinations.

Do you have to take exams with Paul Archer?

Some of the lessons will involve exams to see how you’re progressing and you’ll also have access to eBooks of Paul’s renowned Revision Guides. You can email Paul at any time, using the Learning Management System, with questions but Paul can’t take phone calls as he’s in demand and very busy.