Is Atom ar worth it?

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Is Atom ar worth it?

The Arc’teryx Atom AR is an optimal jacket for those who want to stay warm without wearing a huge parka. While it may not come at a discounted price, the performance is well worth what you have to shell out, as all of our testers agree that this is one of their favorite jackets.

How warm is the arc teryx atom?

As an outer shell, the optimal temperature range for the Atom LT Hoody is between 5°C and -10°C (41F to 14F). In colder climates, we recommend delegating the Atom LT to midlayer and sporting a warmer outer, like the Arc’teryx Beta SV.

How do you clean atom AR hoody?

Use a gentle detergent on the delicate setting of your washing machine. Do not clean the jacket in hot water. Set your washer to cool, and do not use fabric softener. Tumble dry only on low or extra-low and on a delicate setting on your dryer.

Is the atom hoody waterproof?

Weather Protection Featuring a weather-resistant shell, synthetic insulation, and excellent coverage from its collar and adjustable hood, the Arc’teryx Atom LT does a nice job in light to moderate precipitation and wind.

Is the Atom ar warm?

Atom SL: Very lightly insulated with mesh lined sleeves for use with a t-shirt. A great warm weather layer. Atom AR: The warmest of the bunch, it’s designed mainly as a winter jacket where it works as either a top or a mid-layer.

How do I clean my arcteryx atom AR jacket?

Machine wash in lukewarm water. Turn the garment inside out and tumble dry at a low temperature. Do not bleach; avoid use of fabric softeners, do not iron or dry clean. For best results, launder garment with like-colours.

What is the difference between arcteryx Atom LT and SL?

Atom SL: Very lightly insulated with mesh lined sleeves for use with a t-shirt. A great warm weather layer. Atom LT: Heavier fabrics and more insulation, a great mid-weight, year-round insulation layer except for mid-summer and mid-winter.

Can you wash atoms?

You can machine wash it. Washing it by hand extends its longevity. Let it air dry after.

Which insulation is the Atom LT hoody made of?

Coreloft Compact insulation
The Atom LT uses a hybrid combination of Coreloft Compact insulation and stretch fleece panels on the side to provide warmth. The 60 g/m2 Coreloft Compact is half the thickness of the Coreloft found in the Atom AR yet doesn’t sacrifice nearly that much in terms of ability to insulate.

Can you machine wash atoms mask?

What to do with an atom AR Hoody?

Atom AR Hoody. Significantly warmer and more protective than a fleece hoody, this insulated hoody is breathable enough to be used as a super-warm mid layer on frigid days and protective enough to be an outer layer while belaying or hanging out at camp.

What kind of insulation does an atom hoody have?

Warm and breathable, wind and weather resistant, packable and durable. Worn as a cold weather midlayer or standalone during rest phases, the Atom AR Hoody is one of our most versatile insulation pieces. Its Coreloft™ synthetic insulation is efficient, effective and resilient.

How much does an Arc teryx atom hoody weigh?

Everything from Arc’teryx’s own Proton series and Atom LT to Patagonia’s Nano-Air are in a different class and better matches for high-output mountain uses. My men’s medium Atom AR Hoody tips the scales at 1 pound 0.6 ounces, which is just over its listed weight of 1 pound.

Can you wear an atom jacket without a hood?

While we tested the hooded version, it also comes as a jacket without a hood. The Atom AR is a very warm yet surprisingly sleek and lightweight jacket that is one of our favorites, especially because of how comfortable it is. We could live in this jacket all winter, or use it when we take a break skiing or as a belay jacket while climbing.