Is antoinette Pienaar married?

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Is antoinette Pienaar married?

Personal life. After contracting cerebral malaria on a trip to Mali in West Africa in 2001 she was severely weakened and decided to stay on Theefontein (the farm of her second cousin Jacques Pienaar). She claims that the Karoo and its herbs healed her. Pienaar never married.

How old is Antoinette Pienaar?

About 60 years (1961)
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How can I contact Antoinette Pienaar?

To contact Oom Johannes and Antoinette directly: [email protected] or WhatsApp: 083 273 9659.

Where is Theefontein in the Karoo?

Theefontein is a farm in Northern Cape and has an elevation of 1382 metres.

What is Dasbos?

Dasbos and Palderjan literally ‘sweats’ out a cold.

What is Kankerbossie good for?

Cancer bush is used as an immune booster in the treatment of HIV/Aids, as a medicine in the treatment of chicken pox, inter- nal cancers, colds, ‘flu, asthma, TB, bronchitis, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, liver problems, haemor- rhoids, piles, bladder and uterus problem, diarrhoea, dysen- tery.

What are the benefits of Sutherlandia?

It is used in traditional medicine to treat diabetes, chicken pox, and external wounds, and also as a cancer treatment. Laboratory studies show that Sutherlandia can fight off viruses, bacteria, and fungi, and also appears to have anticancer properties.

What is African Potato in Zulu?

It is known in KwaZulu Natal as “inkonfe” in isiZulu and is used for cardiac diseases, intestinal parasites, cancer, to boost the immune system, diabetes, testicular tumors, prostate hypertrophy, burns, ulcers and more.

What are the benefits of Hunteria Umbellata?

Its numerous local medicinal uses include for fever, leprosy sores, stomach and liver problems and as an anthelmintic, especially against internal worms. Hunteria umbellata has been used as arrow poison.

How did Antoinette Pienaar learn about the Karoo?

It took Afrikaans actress Antoinette Pienaar almost 40 years to find him, but when she finally did Oom Johannes Willemse started teaching her all about the healing herbs of the Karoo. Their story is encapsulated in Pienaar’s book, The Griqua’s Apprentice / Kruidjie roer my.

How did Antoinette Pienaar find her uncle Oom?

Oom (uncle) Johannes Willemse, already in his nineties, was a little annoyed that it took well-known Afrikaans actress Antoinette Pienaar nearly 40 years to find him – he had been dreaming for decades that she would be the one to help him pass on his knowledge.

Who is the author of umuzi books Antoinette Pienaar?

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Where did Antoinette Pienaar grow up in Carnavon?

One of five sisters, Antoinette Pienaar was born in Beaufort West, grew up in Carnavon and studied drama at the University of Stellenbosch and the University of Cape Town