Is a Rock Island 45 A good gun?

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Is a Rock Island 45 A good gun?

The Rock Island 1911 is a great starter-priced 1911 around $500 that maintains the look of a standard GI model with decent parkerizing and surprisingly good trigger. But beware of some initial break-in, potential for hammer bite, and terrible GI sights.

Are Rock Island 1911s reliable?

SHOOTING, ACCURACY, AND RELIABILITY As far as long term reliability is concerned, the RIA 1911 functions the most reliably with standard 230 grain FMJ ammunition.

Are Rock Island pistols any good?

The Rock has earned a good reputation and some affection among shooters. It is arguably the least expensive 1911 in the world that offers good reliability. There are higher-grade versions with Novak-type sights, an extended beavertail safety and ambidextrous thumb safety.

What does FS mean on gun?

The front serrations (FS) provide an additional tactile surface choice when manipulating the slide giving the operator positive traction even with wet or sweaty hands.

Is Rock Island 1911 drop safe?

Is the 1911 “drop safe”? A lightweight firing pin, and/or heavier firing pin spring, make the 1911 inherently drop safe. This is the approach Springfield Armory has taken successfully to its broad line of 1911 pistols.

Where can I buy a Rock Island M1911 rifle?

Find Lowest Price In Stock Armscor|Rock Island Armory M1911-A1 FS Rock Standard FS 45ACP 4806015514312 for sale online from over 100 vendors Rock Island 51431 Rock Standard FS 45 ACP 5″ 8+1 Black Parkerized Black Rubber Grip Fixed Sights – $459.99 The Rock Standard has a 5″ button rifled barrel supported by a full length guide rod.

What makes the Rock Island 1911A1 so good?

In this case, the slide slows after awhile as it gunks up with carbon build up. The sights are also a bit nubby. They are accurate enough at around 10 yards, but anything after that hitting the bull’s eye becomes a bit difficult. And often times I found myself compensating.

What kind of pistol is Rock Island Armory?

MKE Firearms 390061 MC1911S .45 ACP Government, ADJ. SGT,W / OPTIC – From Rock Island Armory comes one of the most classic pistols available. The 1911-A1 full size .45 ACP 5″ Model 51431 features Novak style sights, black textured polymer grips, an 8 round capacity, as well as a dove tail front sight.

How much does a Rock Island 45 pistol cost?

A ROCK ISLAND 45 pistol is currently worth an average price of $547.17 new and $525.83 used . The 12 month average price is $555.86 new and $576.11 used.