Is a Honda Shadow 1100 a good bike?

2021-07-19 by No Comments

Is a Honda Shadow 1100 a good bike?

Its a great bike that handles well in town and on the highway and gets decent mileage. Its not even a bad bike for someone starting out if they happen to be over 6 ft. and 200 lbs. Ride it and love it!

What is the difference between a Honda Shadow Spirit and Sabre?

The Sabre’s rear disk brake is MUCH better than the Spirit’s rear drum! The Sabre has a more beefy look and it also has a more beefy feel than the Spirit. The Sabre has more chrome on the engine than the spirit does.

Is the Honda Sabre a good bike?

So far this bike is AMAZING. It’s smooth riding, plenty of power, easy to handle, fits me (tall rider) and has absolutely great looks. Plus, we all know that it will be around forever with Honda’s reliability.

Is a 650 too big for a first bike?

Many 650cc motorcycles can be good beginner bikes. There are 650cc motorcycles that have enough power but not too much for a beginner to handle. There are also fairly light 650cc bikes that beginners will find have good maneuverability and steering responsiveness.

Which is 2001 Honda VT 1100 C2 Shadow?

Join the 01 Honda VT 1100 C2 Shadow discussion group or the general Honda discussion group. List related bikes for comparison of specs. Click here for complete rating. You can also compare bikes.

When did the first Honda Shadow Sabre come out?

Its 1,100cc engine traces its ancestry back to the original Shadow 1100 that debuted in 1985. The first Sabre hit the streets in 2000 and quickly assumed the role of the street rod of the Shadow line.

Is the Honda spirit VT1100 a good bike?

This is actually a great bike and will suit most peoples needs perfectly. One of the biggest questions when deciding if a VT1100 is a good fit for you is ride height. This bike hasn’t seen many changes in quite some time, as a result it still sits higher like many of its older peers.

Is the Honda Shadow Sabre a bulletproof car?

The Shadow Sabre is as close to bulletproof as you could want; neither dealers nor Internet forums turn up any specific issues to watch for. Keep gas, oil, and air in it, don’t set it on fire or ride it off a cliff, and it should reward you with years of reliable cruising.