Is a Chevy 12 bolt rear end good?

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Is a Chevy 12 bolt rear end good?

When the 12-bolt rearend is properly assembled, it’s the strongest passenger-vehicle rearend Chevy ever produced. GM engineers designed the 12-bolt to be a durable piece that could handle the torque output of its big displacement engines.

How do I identify a Chevy 12 bolt rear end?

Physical ID. Externally, the 12-bolt rear end is identifiable by the cover, but internally (once the cover is removed) it can be identified by the size of the ring gear, which is 8-7/8 inch in diameter.

Are all GM 12 bolt rear ends the same?

A different 12-bolt differential was used for light truck applications, but those 12-bolt units are not directly interchangeable. You can identify a truck differential by the smaller, 1.438-inch diameter pinion shaft and the size of the rear cover, measuring 10.875 inches by 10.875 inches.

How can you tell a 12 bolt posi?

The easiest way to identify a 12-bolt rearend is obviously by the 12 bolts holding the rear cover onto the axle housing. The pinion shaft on passenger-car differentials is 1-5/8-inch in diameter and the cover is oval, measuring 10-15/16-inches wide by 10-5/8-inches tall.

What does a 10 bolt rear end mean?

Identifying the 10-bolt axle is easy. The nomenclature actually refers to the number of ring gear bolts. The outer cover matches; 10 bolts hold the cover onto the housing. This ring-and-pinion gear has suffered catastrophic failure.

How strong can you make a 12 bolt rear end?

Chances are your truck has a 12-bolt rearend, but if not, it’s fairly easy to get your hands on one. Not only are they common, but they can also be pretty solid when built correctly. In fact, they can stand up to around 800 hp, which is perfect for a street truck with some performance mods under the hood.

Where is the code ID on a 12 bolt?

Code ID 12-bolt axles can be identified by casting numbers on the bottom of the cast-iron center-section and on the front of the passenger side axle tube. This identifies the car make and model, gear ratio, date of casting and assembly and factory of origin.

Is the rear end of a 12 bolt truck interchangeable?

Early truck 12-bolts had axles with 12 large axle splines. The differential carriers are also narrower than those in passenger-car units. They are not interchangeable. That doesn’t mean the truck rearend is not capable of receiving performance upgrades. To the contrary, aftermarket 30-spline differentials and axles are available.

How did the GM 12 bolt rearend get its name?

Although not technically how it got its descriptive name, the easiest way to identify a 12-bolt rearend is obviously by the 12 bolts holding the rear cover in place. In actuality, the term 12-bolt is due to the 12 bolts holding the ring gear to the differential.

What does the strange 12 bolt rear end look like?

Each Strange 12-bolt rear-end bears the set-up technician’s signature and date of build on the edge of the ring gear. The Strange GM 12-bolt rear end is available in any state of completion from a bare housing to a fully built differential (for certain popular applications).