Is 360 Antivirus Safe?

2020-08-26 by No Comments

Is 360 Antivirus Safe?

Is 360 Total Security a good antivirus? The short answer – no, it’s an average antivirus with mediocre anti-malware protection. While it does perform reasonably decently in third-party lab tests, it can’t compare with the leaders like Kaspersky and Norton.

Do ASUS laptops come with antivirus?

Yes and no. It does come with Windows Defender which is Windows’ version of a firewall but I would not rely on just that. I would obtain other antivirus software and install it.

Which country app is 360 security?

360 Safeguard (Chinese: 360安全卫士) and 360 Total Security is a program developed by Qihoo 360, an internet security company based in China.

Does ASUS give free antivirus?

ASUS customers who purchase a new PC will receive a free 30-day trial of McAfee LiveSafe cross-device security software, which protects PCs, smartphones and tablets.

What kind of Antivirus does 360 Total Security use?

The antivirus module offered by 360 Total Security uses the company’s antivirus engine, but it can also use the Bitdefender and Avira AntiVir antivirus engines. These are much better at doing their job, as you will see later in this review.

Who is the owner of 360 Total Security?

360 Total Security is a security suite that is developed by a Chinese company called Qihoo 360. The company was founded in 2005, and its business is doing very well, as more than 496 million users worldwide were using its security products in 2014. Nowadays, that number could be even more significant.

How can I get 360 Total Security on my computer?

To get 360 Total Security on your computer, you first have to download it. You can choose to get a small executable file that downloads all the required data during installation, or you can download the full offline installer right from the start, which has everything you need to install the product.

Do you need a firewall with 360 Total Security?

360 Total Security does not offer a firewall module, but that means that you should not have issues using the networking features from Windows. Unfortunately, it does not include an internet traffic filtering engine either, to protect you from dangerous websites.