How tall is a shooting guard in NBA 2K15?

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How tall is a shooting guard in NBA 2K15?

In a strange turn, NBA 2K15 takes a player’s height into account when calculating his overall rating but not his various attributes, such as speed, quickness and strength. A 5-foot-10-inch shooting guard will have an overall rating of 60, while a 6-foot-6-inch shooting guard will have a rating of 62.

Why are player ratings important in NBA 2K15?

Player ratings are a big talking point for some because they heavily impact how the game plays and act as a point of reference for how good each player is. NBA 2K15 player ratings will change accordingly as the 2014-15 NBA season progresses.

How many upgrade points do you have in NBA 2K15?

NLSC Forum • 2K15 Max Upgrade Points, Badges and all 99 attributes!! (CE) Updated for Patch 4 A hub for everything related to NBA 2K15 modding.

What’s the best build for MyCareer NBA 2k21?

Badges have also been altered, with the addition of some new ones and the removal of some older ones. On this page you’ll find the best NBA 2K21 builds for MyPlayer and MyCareer across the five primary positions on the basketball court: Center, Power Forward, Small Forward, Shooting Guard, and Point Guard.

What’s the difficulty of playing NBA 2K15?

Unlike other sports games, NBA 2K15 is realistic enough to where playing full games won’t result in unfathomable scores like a 70-56 Madden NFL game. I crank the difficulty all the way up, but feel free to select whatever level provides a fun experience for you.

How to make a 6 foot 6 shooting guard?

Create your 6-foot-6 or taller shooting guard, select a desired team with a need at your position, and move on to the tryout. Above: Avoid shot blockers like Oklahoma’s Serge Ibaka [left] when using this guide. The tryout should be pretty easy to nail.