How old is Sean in Sean of the Dead?

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How old is Sean in Sean of the Dead?

In SHAUN OF THE DEAD, Shaun (Simon Pegg) is a 29-year-old slacker who holds down a dead-end job he hates.

What is the plot of Shaun of the Dead?

Shaun (Simon Pegg) is a 30-something loser with a dull, easy existence. When he’s not working at the electronics store, he lives with his slovenly best friend, Ed (Nick Frost), in a small flat on the outskirts of London. The only unpredictable element in his life is his girlfriend, Liz (Kate Ashfield), who wishes desperately for Shaun to grow up and be a man. When the town is inexplicably overrun with zombies, Shaun must rise to the occasion and protect both Liz and his mother (Penelope Wilton).
Shaun of the Dead/Film synopsis

Who wrote Shaun of the Dead?

Simon Pegg
Edgar Wright
Shaun of the Dead/Screenplay

What is Shaun of the Dead based on?

1. IT WAS INSPIRED BY GEORGE A. ROMERO’S DAWN OF THE DEAD AND OTHER HORROR CLASSICS. It’s no secret that Shaun of the Dead owes a debt to the classic zombie films of George A.

What caused zombies in Shaun of the Dead?

The Virus, also known as The Flu, is what causes human beings and possibly other animals to transform into zombies. It’s insinuated by a radio broadcast early in the film that The Virus came from an American space probe that unexpectedly reentered the atmosphere “over a populated area.” …

What is Edgar Wright’s next movie?

Last Night in Soho
Edgar Wright’s horror-thriller “Last Night in Soho” released a hair-raising trailer, set for release on Oct. 22. The London-set psychological thriller stars Anya Taylor-Joy, Thomasin McKenzie and Matt Smith.

What caused the outbreak in Shaun of the Dead?

A radio voice in the background describes “deep-space probe Omega-6” breaking apart over South-East England unexpectedly. This might offer a potential trigger for the zombie outbreak – an unidentified space pathogen releasing in London via a downed probe.

What comes after Shaun Of The Dead?


Film UK release date Screenwriter(s)
Shaun of the Dead 9 April 2004 Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg
Hot Fuzz 16 February 2007
The World’s End 19 July 2013

What’s better Shaun Of The Dead or Hot Fuzz?

This is one of the hardest set of films to rank, Shaun Of The Dead is the first in the epic and hilarious trilogy, and it’s a zombie film, which is always good. Hot Fuzz is just an overall brilliant flawless film with a deep, well thought out story line and rich British humor.

How did the apocalypse start in Shaun of the Dead?

Why did Edgar Wright make Shaun of the dead?

One evening, I was round at Simon and his pal Nick Frost ’s flat for drinks when I said we should make our own zombie movie, a horror comedy. It would be from the point of view of two bit-players, two idiots who were the last to know what was going on, after waking up hungover on a Sunday morning.

Who is the director of Shaun of the dead?

Edgar Howard Wright (born 18 April 1974) is an English director, screenwriter, producer, and actor. He is best known for his comedic Three Flavours Cornetto film trilogy consisting of Shaun of the Dead (2004), Hot Fuzz (2007), and The World’s End (2013), made with recurrent collaborators Simon Pegg, Nira Park and Nick Frost.

Who is Edgar Wright and what does he do?

Edgar Wright. Edgar Howard Wright (born 18 April 1974) is an English director, screenwriter, producer, and actor.

Why was Don’t Stop Me Now used in Shaun of the dead?

Edgar loved Queen and had the idea of playing Don’t Stop Me Now – one of the most positive, exciting, happy tunes ever – over a scene of extreme violence in The Winchester. We choreographed the entire fight to that song, which was a real worry because it hadn’t been cleared for use and could have ended up being way too expensive.