How much is an acre of land worth in Stokes County NC?

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How much is an acre of land worth in Stokes County NC?

The average farmland value estimate in Stokes County, NC is $4,646/ac.

What region is Stokes County?

Piedmont region
Stokes County, located in the Piedmont region of north central North Carolina, was formed in 1789 from Surry County and named for Capt. John Stokes, a Revolutionary War officer and a member of the North Carolina House of Commons.

What county is Westfield NC?

Surry County
Westfield in an unincorporated community in Surry and Stokes counties in North Carolina. The community itself is located almost entirely within Surry County, with a small portion extending east into Stokes County. The majority of Westfield’s Zip Code Tabulation Area (Zip Code 27053) is located within Stokes County.

What towns are in Stokes County?

Walnut CoveGermanton
Stokes County/Cities

What is the county seat of Stokes County?

Stokes County/County seat

Is Westfield a township?

Westfield Township, founded in 1817, is a rural, agricultural community that still enjoys the open space and beauty of rolling farm lands and residential properties that offer room for growing families or mini farms. services are a joint commitment of the Village of Westfield Center and Westfield Township.

What is the zip code for Stokes North Carolina?

Stokes/Zip codes

When was Stokes County formed?

Stokes County/Founded
In 1770 Surry County was formed from Rowan and include12the present-day counties of Surry, Yadkin, Stokes, and Forsyth. Less than twenty years later, in 1789, Stokes County was formed from surry, suggesting a sub~3antial increase in the settlement and development of the area.

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