How much is a Girard-Perregaux watch worth?

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How much is a Girard-Perregaux watch worth?

Prices at a Glance: Girard-Perregaux Watches

Model/Reference number Price (approx.)
Laureato Tourbillon, 99105-41-232-BB6A 72,500 USD
Laureato Chronograph 42, 81020-52-432-BB4A 27,000 USD
Laureato Skeleton Ceramic, 81015-32-001-32A 21,500 USD
Laureato 34, 80189D52A232-CB6A 13,000 USD

Is Girard-Perregaux luxury?

Girard-Perregaux, also know as GP, is a leading Swiss luxury watch brand. It founded in 1791 and since 1906 is known under its current name Girard-Perregaux. It is owned by the Sowind Group/Kering (Gucci, Ulysse Nardin).

What vintage watches are worth money?

This vintage watches feature looks at affordable options to assist you becoming a savvy collector.

  • OMEGA Speedmaster.
  • Heuer Autavia.
  • Breitling Navitimer & Top Time.
  • Tudor Submariner.
  • Longines Aviator.
  • Panerai.
  • Enicar.
  • Eterna KonTiki.

Is Girard-Perregaux a good watch?

Girard-Perregaux is a first class watchmaker and is perhaps better known for its movements than anything else. Its award winning high frequency chronometers made it a legend in accuracy in the 1960s and the tradition of in house movement making continues today.

Who owns Girard-Perregaux?

Sowind Group
Girard-Perregaux/Parent organizations
Since 2011, the Swiss holding group of Girard-Perregaux, Sowind Group, has been a subsidiary of the French luxury group Kering. Headquartered in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, the company opened the Girard-Perregaux Museum near its headquarters in Villa Marguerite in 1999.

What is a Gyromatic watch?

This watch, the Gyromatic by Girard-Perregaux. Girard-Perregaux first applied the name “Gyromatic” to self-winding movements in 1957. These movements beat at the standard 18,000 bph (beats per hour). So they developed a winding module, called the Gyromatic, which was then added to a blank manually-wound movement.

How many watches does Girard-Perregaux make per year?

Some numbers on Girard-Perregaux In La Chaux-de-Fonds, Girard-Perregaux manufactures approximately 12.000 GP watches per year, 4.000 Jean Richard watches and about 7.000 movements for other brands.

Are Girard-Perregaux watches expensive?

A pace-setter in the watch making industry, Girard-Perregaux has been a leading Swiss luxury watch brand since 1791. With its focus on quality and opulence, the Swiss watch maker has under its belt some of the most coveted, and consequently expensive, watches in the market.

Is Girard-Perregaux still in business?

Founded in 1791, Girard-Perregaux is one of the oldest fine watchmaking manufactures still in operation in Switzerland today.

What is a Gyromatic transmission?

The M6 Presto-Matic was a Chrysler Corporation semi-automatic transmission produced from 1946–1953. The Presto-Matic name was only used on Chrysler-brand cars. DeSoto called the transmission the Tip-Toe Shift, while Dodge used Gyro-Matic, Fluid-Matic, Fluidtorque, or Gyro-Torque.

What kind of watches do Girard’s vintage watches sell?

Dealer of Vintage, Antique, Contemporary and Pre-owned, Gently Used luxury designer wrist watches and pocket watches.

What kind of watch was Girard Perregaux in 1945?

In 1945, Girard-Perregaux made a small, rectangular Art Deco styled mechanical wristwatch, whose frame was made of steel and yellow gold, and whose second hand was housed in a small box in the 6 position. Fifty years later, this same watch was redesigned slightly and reissued as the Vintage 1945.

How long does it take to return a Girard watch?

Our site is updated daily with quality items you have come to expect from Girard’s Watches. We offer a 3-day return on most of our items unless otherwise noted. Payment can be made with Cashiers Check, Money Order, Wire Transfer, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and PayPal.

When did the Girard Perregaux oscillator become standard?

By 1972, the frequency of a Girard-Perregaux watch’s oscillator (32,768 hz) became the industry standard. Other Girard-Perregaux wristwatches prized by collectors include the Laureato from 1975, which had a quartz movement and an octagonal bezel.