How much horsepower does a Maico 490 have?

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How much horsepower does a Maico 490 have?

Maico 490 Sand Spider

Make Model Maico 490 Sand Spider
Ignition Motoplat
Starting Kick start
Max Power 39 kW / 53 hp
Clutch Wet, multi-disc

How much is a Maico 700?

Price. The price of the CR500 varies and can be found at prices ranging from $6,000 to $10,000. Depending on the country, age, and overall condition of the model, the price can fluctuate. The Maico 700 price tag is in the higher end, around $14,000.

What is the most powerful dirt bike?

Which Stock Dirt Bikes Are the Most Powerful? Horsepower and Top Speed

  • The most powerful dirt bike is the ATK 700 Intimidator.
  • The most powerful 2-stroke dirt bike, and the one with the highest horsepower, is the KTM 300 EXC.
  • The most powerful 4-stroke dirt bike is the 2019 Honda CRF450R.

How fast will a 450 dirt bike go?

123 mph
Top speed: 123 mph Equipped with the right rider, KTM 450 bikes will win races among any sprinting dirt bikes. With a top speed of 123 mph, nothing under 450 pounds can compare, so feel free to “drop the hammer.”

Does Suzuki make Kawasaki engines?

Suzuki does NOT own Kawasaki. The two entered into a business partner relationship a few years back and developed a joint motorcross bike. They also share some tooling, but are still totally separate companies.

When did the Maico 490 rear suspension come out?

In 1981 the Maico 490 sold more open class bikes than, for example Honda did in their entire motocross line in the US. The only bike that would out accelerate the mighty 490 was the awesome KTM 495. In 1982 Maico released their first generation single shock rear suspension. The rising rate wasn’t entirely correct or to be precise much to high.

When did the Maico 490 Mega 2 come out?

The 1981 Maico 490 Mega 2 was the last gasp for the European motorcycle manufacturers, who struggled against the onslaught of outstanding motocross bikes from the Japanese in the latter half of the 1970s. It was also the apogee for the revered German marque—Maico would never again make a motorcycle so near perfect.

When did the Wheelsmith Maico 490 come out?

1981 WHEELSMITH MAICO 490. What can be said about this monument of motocross history. Largely considered to be the single greatest open class twin shock motocross machine ever. PERIOD! WHEELSMITH Manufacturing, during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, is synonomous with building superior motocross machines.

What kind of tires does a Maico 490 have?

Hardly any wear! 82 MAICO 490 ALPHA-1 FACTORY “WORKS” Edition that was built for Mauricio Dolce from Italy. 82 MAICO 490 LOW HOUR CUSTOM PROFORM PIPE, NEW SUN RIMS + SS SPOKES. 82 MAICO 490 Nice bike! 80 CAN AM M6 ORIGINAL TIRES! RARE! 79 YAMAHA GT80 LIKE NEW! 400 MILES on OD!