How much does Ecoair dd322fw classic dehumidifier weigh?

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How much does Ecoair dd322fw classic dehumidifier weigh?

The EcoAir DD322FW Classic weighs in at 8.5kg out of it’s box, which makes it a few kilograms heavier than other desiccant models, although still lighter than any full-sized refrigerant dehumidifier.

What is the control panel on Ecoair dd322fw?

Just like virtually every EcoAir dehumidifier the DD322FW features an intuitive and comprehensive control panel mounted on the top of the device. It allows you to easily configure the machine for all common uses in seconds. The main control on the panel is a large dial that, with a single turn, can switch the machine on and set the drying mode.

Which is desiccant dehumidifier should I go for?

EcoAir’s desiccant dehumidifiers range from 6 Litre per day to 10.5 Litre per day. Desiccant dehumidifiers operate efficiently in low temperature as long as it is not freezing point. Which desiccant dehumidifier should I go for?

What is the warranty on the eco air dehumidifier?

Eco Air DD1 SIMPLE 7 litre portable desiccant dehumidifier with 2 year warranty and FREE weather station worth £19.99. The Eco Air DD1 SIMPLE 7 litre low temperature desiccant dehumidifier combats damp, mould and condensation to create a dryer, healthier home.

What are the controls on the EcoAir dd322fw classic?

The DD322FW Classic comes fitted with the standard EcoAir digital control panel, which is an array of soft-touch buttons that control individual LED menus for each function and we think is very easy to use. The first button controls the timer settings, with it settable for either two, four or eight hours.

What is the continuous drain function on Ecoair dehumidifier?

The EcoAir DD322FW Simple also has a continuous drain function which allows you to keep the dehumidifier running while the collected water runs out of the tank and into a sink or other disposal unit automatically. This feature is very handy for caravans, mobile homes, sheds and garages etc and the DD322FW comes with a 1 metre hose for this purpose.

Which is best Ecoair DD3 classic or Mk2?

The DD3 Classic model has now been upgraded to a MK2 version as we have redesigned to make it the quietest 10.5 litre per day desiccant dehumidifier in the market today – as low as 36 dBA! At only 7.5 Kg, and equipped with a carry handle, this unit is Ideal for a 3 to 5 bedrooms home.