How much does a Medtronic pain pump cost?

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How much does a Medtronic pain pump cost?

The median cost per day of pumps explanted for end of battery life was $9.26, versus $44.59 for pumps explanted prematurely due to complications.

How long does a Medtronic pain pump last?

The typical product life of your SynchroMed II pump will range between 5 and 7 years, depending on how much medicine you’re programmed to receive each day. Your doctor will closely monitor the performance of your programmable pump at each of your refill appointments.

What is a Medtronic pain pump?

Chronic Pain. The SynchroMed® II drug pump is a small, programmable, battery-powered medical device that stores and delivers medication directly to the intrathecal space, where fluid flows around the spinal cord.

How do you qualify for a pain pump?

Who is a candidate?

  1. Conservative therapies have failed.
  2. You would not benefit from additional surgery.
  3. You are dependent on pain medication.
  4. You do not have psychological problems.
  5. You have no medical conditions that would keep you from undergoing implantation.
  6. You are not allergic to any of the drugs used in the pump.

How often does a pain pump need to be replaced?

Refilling your pump The medication in your pump will need to be refilled every 4 to 6 weeks by your pain doctor. You will need to make appointments with your pain doctor for your refills.

Can you drive with a pain pump?

Although legal actions against driving under the influence of morphine can only be taken after a positive urine and a subsequent positive blood sample, drivers on intrathecal opiates must be aware of the possibility of a positive roadside drug test.

Do pain pumps really work?

Pain pumps are considered more effective than oral medication as they work directly in the CSF or cerebrospinal fluid, which surrounds your brain and spinal cord and means that drugs are absorbed quicker and more directly.

Can I drive with a pain pump?

What kind of medicine is used in a pain pump?

An intrathecal pump or a “pain pump” is a device that delivers small quantities of pain medication such as morphine or baclofen, directly to the spinal fluid. When delivered in small doses, pain medications may minimize the side effects often experienced with larger oral doses of the same medications.

How long does a pain pump last?

How often will the pump need to be refilled? The medication in your pump needs to be refilled every 6 weeks to 6 months. The frequency of refills depends on the drug concentration and the amount of pain medication you receive every day. A higher dosage requires more frequent filling.

What medication is in a pain pump?

How does a pain pump make you feel?

Giving medications, like opioids, through a pain pump gives superior pain relief and reduces side effects (nausea, constipation, drowsiness). Reduced addiction risk to opioids. A pain pump gives pain medications directly to the spinal cord, the place where medications take effect.

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How does Medtronic targeted drug delivery deliver pain relief?

Patients report a reduction in pain scores after receiving targeted drug delivery. My family life has improved dramatically since the infusion pump. Your Browser does not support HTML5 Video tag or the video cannot be played. Discover how the SynchroMed™ II pump and myPTM™ Personal Therapy Manager deliver pain relief.

How does Medtronic synchromed II pump deliver pain relief?

Discover how the SynchroMed™ II pump and myPTM™ Personal Therapy Manager deliver pain relief. We’ll help you get the answers you need to determine if this therapy is right for you. Chat with a current patient (Ambassador) or nurse, or find a physician in your area.