How many wards are there in Gwale local government?

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How many wards are there in Gwale local government?

The Gwale government councils heads the public administrations in Gwale government area which is made up of ten wards represented by ten councilors inclusive of the chairman who heads the executive arm of the local government.

How many LGA are in Kano?

eight LGAs
It is made up of eight LGAs: Municipal, Gwale, Dala, Tarauni, Nassarawa, Fagge, Ungogo and Kumbotso.

What are the local government of Kano?

Local Governments
Ajingi Albasu Bagwai Bebeji Bichi Bunkure Dala Dambatta Dawakin Kudu Dawakin Tofa Doguwa Fagge Gabasawa Garko Garum Mallam Gaya Gezawa Gwale Gwarzo Kabo Kano Municipal Karaye Kibiya Kiru kumbotso Kunchi Kura Madobi Makoda

How many local government are in Kano Central?

Showing kano metro polis (6 core LGAs)

What is the name of Gwale local government chairman?

Hon. Khalid Ishaq Diso

• Type Democratic
• Local Government Chairman and the Head of the Local Government Council Hon. Khalid Ishaq Diso
• Total 18 km2 (7 sq mi)

Who is the chairman of Tarauni local government?

Abubakar zakari

Tarauni local government Ƙaramar hukumar Tarauni
Country Nigeria
State Kano State
• Local Government Chairman and the Head of the Local Government Council Hon. Abubakar zakari (habu P .A)

Which local government is the biggest in Kano State?

The state’s capital and largest city is the city of Kano, the second most populous city in Nigeria after Lagos….Local Government Areas.

LGA Name Dawakin Tofa
Area (km2) 479
Census 2006 population 246,197
Administrative capital Dawakin Tofa
Postal Code 701

What local government is Naibawa?

District Data:

District Name: Area: Naibawa
Local Government Area: Kano
State: Kano State
Associated Zip Code: 700225

Which state has the smallest local government in Nigeria?

Abia state has 17 Local Government Areas, after being carved out of the former Imo State in 1991. The state now has a population of 2,833,999. The name “Abia” is an abbreviation of four of the state’s densely populated regions Aba, Bende, Isuikwuato, and Afikpo.

Which state in Nigeria has the largest number of local government areas?

There are 774 local government areas in the Nigerian government structure, with Kano having the largest number of 44 and the smallest number of 9 belonging to Bayelsa state.

Where is Gwale local government area in Nigeria?

Gwale is a Local Government Area in Kano State, Nigeria within Greater Kano city. Its headquarters are in the suburb of Gwale. It has an area of 18 km² and a population of 362,059 at the 2006 census. The postal code of the area is 700. gwale have a lot of people especially Islamic scholars.

Where are the local government areas in Oyo State?

Atisbo Local Government Area is located in Tede, Oyo State and is made up of several towns and villages which include Ago Are, Irawo, Sabe, Tede, Baasi, Ofiki, and Owo.

How many villages are in Oyo State Nigeria?

This is a list of villages and settlements in Oyo State, Nigeria organised by local government area (LGA) and district/area (with postal codes also given).

What is the ZIP code of Gwale, Nigeria?

Gwale is one of the forty-four (44) Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Gwale Postal or Zip codes (Kano State), Nigeria. There are several areas located within the LGA that make use of the same postal or zip codes.