How many people died from the Guatemala sinkhole?

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How many people died from the Guatemala sinkhole?

At least 113 people were reported killed, with around 50 missing in Guatemala alone as rescue workers searched through the rubble. The 30m-diameter sinkhole opened up in a northern district of Guatemala City, with residents blaming the rains and substandard drainage systems.

How deep is the Guatemalan sinkhole?

The 2010 Guatemala City sinkhole was a disaster on the 30 may 2010 in which an area approximately 65 ft (20 m) across and 300 ft (90 m) deep collapsed in Guatemala City’s Zona 2, swallowing a three-story factory.

What is the largest sinkhole in the world?

Xiaozhai Tiankeng – the deepest sinkhole in the world (over 2,100 feet), located in Fenjie Count of Chongqing Municipality.

Do sinkholes have a bottom?

Sinkholes are often funnel-shaped, with the wide end open at the surface and the narrow end at the bottom of the pool. Sinkholes vary from shallow holes about 1 meter (3 feet) deep, to pits more than 50 meters (165 feet) deep. Water can drain through a sinkhole into an underground channel or a cave.

How many people died in the Guatemala sinkhole 2010?

175 people
A giant sinkhole caused by the rains of tropical storm Agatha is seen in Guatemala City June 1, 2010. Collapsed roads and highway bridges complicated rescue efforts in Guatemala on Tuesday after Tropical Storm Agatha drenched Central America, burying homes under mud and killing at least 175 people.

Has anyone ever died in a sinkhole?

Deaths and injuries from sinkholes are rare, but certainly not unheard of. For instance, in 2012, a 15-year-old girl died when her family’s car fell into a Utah sinkhole, according to media accounts.

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