How many MacArthur Fellows are there?

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How many MacArthur Fellows are there?

Since 1981, 942 people have been named MacArthur Fellows, ranging in age from 18 to 82. The award has been called “one of the most significant awards that is truly ‘no strings attached'”.

How prestigious is MacArthur fellowship?

MacArthur Foundation has announced the 21 winners of this year’s MacArthur Fellowships, generally regarded as one of the nation’s most prestigious awards for intellectual and artistic achievement.

How much money do MacArthur Fellows get?

In honor of their talent and creativity, each Fellow gets an award of $625,000, paid in quarterly installments over five years. On its website, the Foundation describes the award as “no-strings-attached;” there are no expectations, and Fellows may do what they wish with the money.

Who is the youngest MacArthur fellow?

Han Ong
He is both a high-school dropout and one of the youngest recipients of a MacArthur Foundation “genius” grant. Born in the Philippines, he moved to the United States at 16….

Han Ong
Awards Guggenheim Fellowship (2005) MacArthur Fellows Program (1997) Berlin Prize (2010)

What do people do with the MacArthur fellowship?

The MacArthur Fellows Program is intended to encourage people of outstanding talent to pursue their own creative, intellectual, and professional inclinations. In keeping with this purpose, the Foundation awards fellowships directly to individuals rather than through institutions.

How do you become a MacArthur Fellow?

The MacArthur Fellowship is not a lifetime achievement award; we are looking for individuals on the precipice of great discovery or a game-changing idea. Recipients must also be citizens or residents of the United States and must not hold elective office or advanced positions in government as defined by statute.

How does one become a MacArthur Fellow?

Where does MacArthur foundation get its money?

Does MacArthur receive government funding? No. Private foundations like MacArthur act independently of any private business and of the United States government; they receive no government support. Many private foundations, including MacArthur, have endowments that are the sole source of funds for the grants they make.

Who was the youngest person to win a MacArthur genius grant?

Karen Russell
Fiction writer and Northwestern alumna Karen Russell, at 32, today became the youngest individual to be named a 2013 MacArthur “genius.” She is one of 24 recipients of this year’s John D.

How do you get nominated for a MacArthur genius grant?

How do nominators nominate? Nominators write a letter to the program director, usually a page or two, describing the person they are nominating and their reasons for doing so. These letters focus on the quality and creativity of the nominees and their work, and on the likely benefits of the award to the recipient.

Who runs the MacArthur Foundation?

MacArthur Foundation

Founded 1970
Location Marquette Building, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
President John Palfrey
Key people John D. MacArthur (co-founder) Catherine T. MacArthur (co-founder)
Endowment $7.0 billion

Who are the MacArthur Fellows of the year?

2020 MacArthur Fellows 1 Nels Elde. Investigating the molecular mechanisms and evolutionary processes driving host-pathogen interactions. 2 Catherine Coleman Flowers. 3 Mary L. 4 Ralph Lemon. 5 Polina V. 6 Natalia Molina. 7 Cécile McLorin Salvant. 8 Forrest Stuart. 9 Nanfu Wang.

Who is the communications director for the MacArthur Foundation?

Members of the media seeking comment or to interview a MacArthur Fellow or staff person should call 312.917.3690 or email Kristen Mack, Managing Director, Communications. Sign up for periodic news updates and event invitations.

What kind of work does the MacArthur Foundation do?

Creating new conceptual spaces to accommodate emerging forms of Black aesthetics, cultural production, and social life. Exploring culturally constructed notions of language, memory, and gender from a transnational perspective.