How many calories does beef pad Thai have?

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How many calories does beef pad Thai have?

Calories in Beef Pad Thai

Calories 365.8
Cholesterol 43.4 mg
Sodium 379.9 mg
Potassium 232.6 mg
Total Carbohydrate 20.5 g

How many calories are in a standard pad Thai?

This dish is a menu staple of Thai restaurants. It’s made from rice noodles sauteed with spices, peanuts, egg, and bean sprouts. Get it with shrimp, chicken, or tofu for lean protein, and extra veggies for fiber and vitamins. Just watch your portion: Pad thai clocks in at 300 to 400 calories a cup.

How many calories are in a large beef burrito?

Region: US

Serving Ingredient Calories
0.29 gram cumin 1
0.47 gram garlic powder 2
235.17 g flour tortilla 764
6.16 oz ground beef 475

How many calories in a beef burrito from a Mexican restaurant?

Main Entrees

1 large beef burrito 424 calories
1 medium beef taco 272 calories
1 chicken chalupa 400 calories

How many calories is a homemade burrito?

Even if you use fresh ingredients and simple cooking preparation, a typical burrito is easily 1,000 calories.

How many calories is a burrito bowl?

For burrito bowls, this is the caloric baseline, clocking in at about 705-1250 total calories, depending on your guac, protein selection, and additional fixings. For burritos, add a flour tortilla (300 calories), and you’re looking at a range of about 1085-1550 total calories, depending on topping selections.

Which is healthier Mexican rice or refried beans?

Although Spanish rice contains more calories than plain rice — thanks to the added oil and tomato sauce — it still won’t bust your diet if you use a sensible recipe. And while refried beans may sound heavy, they often contain very little fat and relatively few calories.

What is low calorie Mexican food?

Eat This, Not That: How to Order Healthy Mexican Food

  • Fresh corn tortillas, not chips.
  • Tostada salad, not taquitos.
  • Grilled fajitas, not wet burritos or chimichangas.
  • Soft corn tortilla tacos, not hard tacos.
  • Salsa, not sour cream.

How many calories are in pad thai at Thai Express?

Thai Express: This restaurant’s basic Pad Thai (354 calories, 12.4 ounces) starts with the basic stir-fried rice noodles combined with sweet and sour sauce, egg, bean sprouts, green onion, tofu and salted radish. Pick your protein: there’s shrimp, beef, chicken, tofu or vegetables.

How many calories are in shrimp pad Thai?

The dish comes garnished with cilantro, carrots, oriental cabbage, a lime wedge and traditional peanuts. The university also offers shrimp Pad Thai at 518 calories per 16 ounces, or a 5-ounce serving of chicken and shrimp Pad Thai with 240 calories. Don’t let the smaller overall calorie count fool you, though.

How many calories are in magic wok pad Thai?

Magic Wok: This restaurant’s recipe lists rice noodles and homemade Pad Thai sauce as the base for the dish as well as bean sprouts, fried shallots, green onions, ground peanuts and cilantro. Choose from shrimp (630 calories per serving), tofu (670 calories) or chicken (680 calories).

How many calories in bean sprouts in pad Thai?

Peanuts: There are 1 to 2 tablespoons of peanuts in the dish, adding 170 to 340 calories. Bean sprouts: At 5.1 calories per cup, bean sprouts are your friend. It’s easy to count the calories in that restaurant Pad Thai.