How many amp hours is a Trojan T 875 battery?

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How many amp hours is a Trojan T 875 battery?

170 Amp-Hour
The Trojan T 875 is an 8 Volt – 170 Amp-Hour Deep Cycle battery designed to be used as portable power for applications such as Golf Buggies – RV’s and Marine use. Made in the USA – Trojan are a byword for reliability and long life.

How do you date a Trojan Battery?

To determine the date of manufacture, refer to the date code on the negative terminal which consists of a letter and a number. The letter refers to the month and the number refers to the year. A2 = January 2012, B2 = February 2012 and C2 = March 2012 etc.

How much does a Trojan T 875 weight?

Battery Specifications

Capacity Minutes Capacity Amp-Hours Weight lbs. (kg)
@25 Amps 295 @56 Amps 117 5-Hr Rate 145 10-Hr Rate 155 20-Hr Rate 170 100-Hr Rate 189 63 (29)

What kind of power does a Trojan t-875 have?

Trojan T-875 Batteries Power. When it comes to the power of the Trojan T-875 batteries, you have a good charge with 170 Ah at a 20-hour rate. The battery design employs 8-volt deep cycle power. Keep in mind, however, because 8-volt batteries are less common, if you buy it from the local dealer, you may have to wait a couple weeks on the order.

Is the Trojan t-875 golf cart battery enough?

Another interesting Trojan technology included in the Trojan T-875 batteries is the Maxguard Advanced Design Separator. This extends the run time of the battery, and it lowers the maintenance demands. Whether you need it for the car, truck, RV or boat, this battery definitely has enough power.

What kind of battery does Trojan Battery Company use?

Battery Maintenance. Trojan Battery Company has been manufacturing deep-cycle, flooded batteries for more than three generations. Our experience has shown that the key factor to achieving optimum performance and long battery life is to follow a regular care and maintenance program.

Why do you need Trojan T2 golf batteries?

Trojan’s T2 Technology stands upon three pillars of engineering: T2 gives all Trojan deep-cycle batteries much-needed durability and performance, ideal for golf applications. Because deep-cycle flooded batteries are a cornerstone of Trojan’s product suite, they need to provide more than just great performance.