How long should the discussion section of a research paper be?

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How long should the discussion section of a research paper be?

approximately 1500 words

What phrases can I use to start a discussion?

USEFUL PHRASESLet me start with… Let’s begin with…. Let’s discuss … first. Do you agree? Do you share my point of view? Agreeing.I strongly agree with you. I couldn’t agree more. I share your point of view. From my point of view,… To my mind,… In fact,… On the one hand,… and on the other hand…. Some people say that…,

How do you write a discussion and findings?

Discussing your findingsDO: Provide context and explain why people should care. DON’T: Simply rehash your results. DO: Emphasize the positive. DON’T: Exaggerate. DO: Look toward the future. DON’T: End with it.

What is a project result?

Project results are the changes or effects expected to take place after implementing the project. The results are generally positive improvements to the lives of the beneficiaries. Results are divided into three types: Outputs. Outcomes.

What is Project Impact?

Project Impact is how your project affects the matters which it comes in contact with. By giving a project impact appraisal you define effects, both positive and negative, which the project is expected to produce upon environment, organization, community, people, etc.

How do I write the results for my science project?

Summarize your science fair project results in a few sentences and use this summary to support your conclusion. Include key facts from your background research to help explain your results as needed. State whether your results support or contradict your hypothesis.

How do you summarize results?

Label and describe all figures. Focus on your most important findings. Use your data and results to justify your conclusions. Be careful how you describe your results.

How do you write a good science procedure?

Write the experimental procedure like a step-by-step recipe for your science experiment. A good procedure is so detailed and complete that it lets someone else duplicate your experiment exactly!Repeating a science experiment is an important step to verify that your results are consistent and not just an accident.

How do you write an activity in science?

Begin with a short outline or review of related literature or experiments. Then, outline or summarize the theoretical background of the issue. Next, provide a statement about the problem or question that this research has raised. Summarize your project and discuss how it addresses the problem or question.