How long does a swollen thumb take to go down?

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How long does a swollen thumb take to go down?

How long does it take to recover from a sprained thumb? A mild sprain should heal in about six weeks if you wear a splint or cast and do rehabilitation exercises. A more serious sprain may take several months to heal before you regain most of your thumb’s function again, especially if you had UCL surgery.

How do you get a swollen thumb to go down?

Treating thumb swelling

  1. Apply heat and cold to help alleviate swelling caused by mild thumb injuries and arthritis.
  2. Change your diet.
  3. Soak your thumb in a warm or cool Epsom salt bath for 15 to 20 minutes.
  4. Rest your thumb if you have a mild injury.

When should I see a doctor for a swollen thumb?

A person should see their doctor as quickly as possible when: the finger appears deformed or crooked. they develop a fever following the injury. the finger becomes significantly swollen.

Should I go to urgent care for swollen thumb?

Severe range of motion limitations and infection are the chief warning signs that immediate medical treatment is necessary. If you are unable to move the finger unassisted or if red streaks radiate from a swollen area, seek a doctor’s advice.

When is a swollen finger an emergency?

When to Contact a Medical Professional The problem continues after 1 week of home treatment. You have numbness or tingling in your fingers. You have severe pain at rest. You can’t straighten your fingers.

How do you get a ring off a severely swollen finger?

Here’s how to get a ring off safely:

  1. Squirt some Windex – yes Windex – on the finger and ring. Or, use any lubricant such as soap or oil.
  2. Elevate the hand overhead for 5-10 minutes with ice around the ring and finger.
  3. Use dental floss or a thread to compress the swollen finger as shown:

What time of day are fingers most swollen?

Fingers are typically bigger in the morning when you are hot, or have recently consumed a lot of salt or alcohol. They shrink when you are cold or swimming in cold water. They are bigger in the summer and smaller in the winter. Fingers can swell a lot when you sleep or fly.

What to do if your thumb is swollen?

Some home treatments may help with swollen thumb symptoms, such as the following. Ice: Applying an ice pack for up to 15 minutes a few times a day can help ease pain and swelling due to arthritis or an injury. Avoid certain food and drinks: Avoiding shellfish, red meat, and alcohol can help prevent attacks of gout.

Why are the tips of my fingers swollen?

Medical conditions can cause swollen fingers and general swelling as well. Arthritis commonly results in swelling of the hands, often in the morning upon waking up. Infections can also result in swelling, and these should be treated right away. More localized swelling from ganglion cysts or tumors should be looked at in your hand surgeon’s office.

What causes swelling and stiffness in the thumb joint?

It can also be caused by reactive arthritis, which is triggered by an infection in the body. Symptoms of arthritis in the thumb include swelling, pain, and stiffness at the basal (lower) thumb joint.

Can a tumor cause swelling in the thumb?

If gout is poorly controlled over a long period of time, it can also cause hard swelling of a joint, which can enlarge and interfere with movement of the thumb. Tumors in the area of the hand or thumb can result in swelling. Bone tumor: Very rarely, a swelling of the thumb could be a benign or cancerous tumor of the bone.