How does Minny change in the help?

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How does Minny change in the help?

Minny develops an uneasy friendship with her employer, Celia Rae, who becomes devoted to her. Celia and Minny gain strength from each other, leading them to take control of their own lives. In the end, Minny decides to leave her abusive husband and chart an unknown course rather than live with the pain he inflicts.

How and why has Minny and Celia’s relationship changed?

Celia and Minny’s relationship changes because they share the secret of Celia’s miscarriages–a secret that not even Celia’s husband knows at this point of the novel. By the end of the novel, Celia and Minny are friends.

What does Minny say to Celia in The Help?

Minny confesses to Celia that after Hilly spread rumors she was a thief, she told Hilly to “eat [her] s***” (26.82). Then, she went home and made a chocolate pie and took it to her.

What is the famous line in the help?

Blackly: I guarantee you, one day they’re gonna figure out some cigarettes will kill you. Minny Jackson: Fried chicken just tend to make you feel better about life. Charlotte Phelan: Love and hate are two horns on the same goat, Eugenia. And you need a goat.

What I care about is if a white lady will call my girls dirty?

What I care about is, if in ten years, a white lady will call my girls dirty and accuse them of stealing the silver.” “I look deep into her rich brown eyes and she look into mine. Law, she got old-soul eyes, like she done lived a thousand years. And I swear I see, down inside, the woman she gone grow up to be.

Why did Minny put poop in the pie?

This act of subversion also targets Hilly’s racist belief that black people carry diseases. In essence, by feeding Hilly two slices of excrement pie without her getting sick, Minny illustrates in a decidedly extreme way the simple truth that black people do not carry racially-specific diseases.

Did Celia Foote ever have baby?

Celia is shown as not very worldly, but gentle and sweet towards Minny. She tells Minny that she married Johnny because she was pregnant. A month later, she had a miscarriage. She had also lost two other babies.

What was wrong with Celia Foote?

Celia suffers a miscarriage, and reveals to Minny that she has had three previously, two of which Johnny is unaware of. Skeeter reaches out to Aibileen, who eventually agrees to be interviewed, as does Minny.

What does Minny say about Hilly?

Minny now knows something about Hilly—that she tricked Hilly into literally eating humble pie—and that Hilly is now terrified of her. When Minny shares the secret with Celia, it empowers Celia, too. The mimosa tree is a symbol of Celia’s path. It reminds her of Sugar Ditch, and she wants to destroy it.

Why does hilly fire Minny?

When her mother begins showing signs of senility, Hilly invites her and her black maid, Minny Jackson to stay in her house, firing her own maid. Her real motive, it turns out, was to have Minny and her superior cooking for herself. Until she has one built, she orders Minny to relieve herself outside.

What did aibileen say to Hilly?

If she doesn’t give back the silver, Hilly is calling the police. Aibileen tells Hilly that if she goes to jail, she’ll spend all her time writing letters to the people of Jackson telling everybody that Hilly is the woman in the last chapter of Help.

What is the quote from the help you is smart?

Quote by Kathryn Stockett: “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.”

What did Celia say to Minny in the help?

As a result of Minny’s friendship and sage advice, Celia learns to put less weight on what society expects from her. The The Help quotes below are all either spoken by Celia Foote or refer to Celia Foote.

What happens to Celia at the end of the help?

Celia is pale and shaking, and her nightgown is also stained with blood. She asks Minny to get her the phone so she can call her doctor, which Minny does. Minny moves Celia to the bed, though Celia is losing even more blood.

What was the character of Celia Foote in the help?

Celia Foote Character Analysis. As a result, she treats Minny with kindness and respect. Hilly, Elizabeth Leefolt, and the rest of the white Jackson housewives shun her because of her lower class status. Internalizing society’s expectations of her as a woman, Celia feels shame that she cannot give her husband, Johnny Foote, a baby.

How does Celia not understand the rules of white society?

Minny is puzzled by how Celia seems not to understand the rules of white society: she continues to phone Hilly and the other League ladies every day even though they have never replied, and she insists on eating all her meals with Minny. Minny keeps telling her stories to Skeeter.