How do you write Air Force medals?

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How do you write Air Force medals?

Citations must capture the substance of the decoration with dignity and clarity. The narrative is a short description of the act, achievement, or service. Be specific on facts and limit to no more than two sentences, if possible. Emphasize the individual’s mission contribution and use active voice and forceful verbs.

What form is used for an Air Force Achievement Medal?

AF Form 2274
AF Form 2274, Air Force Achievement Medal.

How many lines is an Air Force MSM?

15 lines
How to Write the Meritorious Service Medal Citation. The citation is the text that will be read during the presentation of the award. The text is limited to 15 lines.

How do I submit an Air Force award?

The Air Force has streamlined the process over the last few years and it’s easier than ever to submit someone for a medal….All it takes is:

  1. Request a DECOR-6 for the nominee from either your Orderly Room/CSS or MSS/DPMPE.
  2. Fill out the Decor 6.
  3. Write the citation.

How do I find my Air Force unit awards?

The unit awards include the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award (AFOUA) and the Air Force Organizational Excellence Award (AFOEA). For a complete list go to myPers -> Recognition -> Unit and Organizational Awards -> Air Force Outstanding Unit Award/Air Force Organizational Excellence Award.

Are Air Force medals worth anything?

Medals in good condition are more valuable. If you have the original papers and presentation box for your medal, it will be worth more than a medal on its own. Sometimes the story behind a military medal will also influence it’s value. Some collectors will pay more for medals that were awarded to certain soldiers.

Who approves Arcom?

Authority to approve award of the ARCOM under wartime criteria may be delegated to Colonel level commanders. § 578.7 Peacetime criteria. Peacetime criteria, by whom award- ed. Awards for peacetime service are made by the President, the Secretary of Defense, and the Secretary of the Army.

What is the Air Force awards and decorations program?

It is based on Air Force Instruction (AFI) 36-2803, The Air Force Awards and Decorations Program, dated 15 June 2001. The objective of the Air Force decoration program is to foster morale, incentive, and esprit de corps.

Who are nominees for AFA National Aerospace Awards?

Nominations for AFA national aerospace awards are solicited from the United States Air Force, members and leaders of AFA, the aerospace industry, and U.S. citizens or organizations which have a deep interest in aerospace activities.

Where do Air Force Association awards take place?

Each year the Air Force Association is proud to honor the outstanding achievements of men and women throughout the United States Air Force, government, academia and the aerospace industry. The Association presents the awards at local AFA chapter and regional forums and during the Air, Space & Cyber Conference in the Washington, D.C. area.

What kind of medals do you get in the Air Force?

Air Force Awards and Decorations Ribbons Medal of Honor Air Force Cross Defense Distinguished Service Medal Distinguished Service Medal Silver Star Defense Superior Service Medal Legion of Merit Distinguished Flying Cross Airman’s Medal Bronze Star Medal Purple Heart Defense Meritorious Service Medal Meritorious Service Medal