How do you write a jazz album review?

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How do you write a jazz album review?

And when you’re reviewing an album, these tips will help you to write something that is readable and engaging.

  1. Listen.
  2. Research Is Key.
  3. Think About Context.
  4. Consider Different Angles.
  5. Avoid Bias.
  6. Be Honest.
  7. Write Clearly.
  8. Edit Your Review.

How do I get my CD reviewed?

How to get Your Album Reviewed

  • Don’t ask permission.
  • Send a download link, not a streaming link.
  • Provide album art and band bio/press release.
  • Make sure your tracks are labeled!
  • Make an album trailer, EPK, or music video.
  • Don’t submit your album on a weekend.
  • Make an effective pitch.
  • Follow up with patience and persistence.

What was the first smooth jazz album?

Taylor’s CTI label is generally thought to be the beginnings of smooth jazz, but albums like Freddie Hubbard’s First Light (1971) and George Benson’s White Rabbit (1971) still feature meaty, searching improvisation.

Who is the best jazz?

The Best Jazz Musicians of All Time – 40 Legendary Jazz Artists

  • Miles Davis.
  • Louis Armstrong.
  • John Coltrane.
  • Charles Mingus.
  • Thelonious Monk.
  • Ella Fitzgerald.
  • Charlie Parker.
  • Duke Ellington.

How do you write a perfect album?

Recording Your Album: Songwriting Tips & Inspiration

  1. Write every day.
  2. Reserve judgement for later versions of your work.
  3. Don’t toss out a song at the beginning just because it sounds like another song.
  4. Write on location.
  5. Use songs you love as a jumping off point.
  6. Change up the instrument you’re writing on.

How do I find music reviewers?

There’s a good chance you can get a link back to your website if you get your music reviewed, and you should….

  1. Little Indie Blogs.
  2. Acid Stag.
  3. Indie Music Review.
  4. SYFFAL.
  5. Louder Than War.
  6. The Word Is Bond.
  7. This Song Is Sick.
  8. A&R Factory.

Who is the father of smooth jazz?

Grover Washington, Jr.
Grover Washington, Jr. (December 12, 1943 – December 17, 1999) has been considered by many to be the founding father of smooth jazz and a master of the jazz funk genre, working as a prominent songwriter and talented saxophonist. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Washington made some of the genre’s most memorable hits.

Why do we publish jazz reviews every day?

We publish a new album review every day so you can stay up on the latest jazz releases. The latest words on jazz, evaluated by critics who understand the power of jazz writing. The true jazz experience happens onstage in front of an audience—our concert and festival reviewers take you there.

Where can I buy jazz CDs and downloads?

Welcome to our Jazz recordings department, where you can browse and buy thousands of CDs, SACDs, downloads, DVDs and Blu-rays. The Brazilian pianist explores his cultural heritage with the exciting and creative Sankofa, conceptualised around African philosophy and Afro-Brazilian history.

Which is the Best Jazz Album of all time?

A landmark album in contemporary big band jazz. The 2007 winner of the prestigious Thelonious Monk Institute’s International Jazz Award, Oakland-born Akinmusire is a versatile, technically accomplished trumpeter who is just as comfortable producing breathy, mellow, low-end sounds as he is blowing stratospheric high notes.

Who are some of the new jazz artists?

New jazz releases include a box set chronicling the music of late trombonist and bandleader Chirs Barber, Grateful Dead tributes from Blue Note saxophonist Dave McMurray, and a handful of new albums by budding young artists on Unit Records.