How do you read a prop number?

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How do you read a prop number?

Propeller Sizes are given in a set of numbers, e.g. 13×17 or 19×23 usually labeled on the propeller. The first number is the Diameter (width of the circle of the blades) and the second is the Pitch (theoretical travel distance of the angled blades in one revolution). Two other design features include Rake and Cup.

Is a 19 pitch prop faster?

The 19″ prop will give you less of a hole shot but a higher top speed if the motor is strong enough to turn it in the recomended top RPM range.

What’s the difference between a 19 and 21 pitch prop?

Propeller pitch typically referred to as “prop pitch,” is essentially the distance a propeller would move in a single revolution through soft solid. So, in this case, a “21 pitch prop” would move 21 inches forward in one revolution, and a “19 pitch prop” would move 19 inches forward in one revolution.

What kind of PROP does a MerCruiser use?

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How much is Mercury propellers at boat propeller warehouse?

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What kind of propeller does a Mercury gearcase 13 use?

Application Evinrude/Johnson/OMC 4.25″ Gearcase 13 Spline 40-140 HP Solas Amita 3 Aluminum 3 Blade Propeller w/ Rubber Hub Exclusive squeeze cast process. Stronger blades with better performance. Outstanding acceleration and top speed. Solas Rubex 3 Aluminum 3 Blade Propeller w/ Interchangeable hub Exclusive squeeze cast process.

What’s the best pitch for a Mercury propeller?

A good rule of thumb is for every inch of pitch that is roughly equal to 200RPM. If at full throttle your RPM exceeds your target number, then you should increase your pitch, if your boat falls short, then decrease the pitch. Selecting the right Mercury propellers can be a difficult task but Wholesale Marine’s knowledgeable staff is here to help.