How do you conjugate Bostezar?

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How do you conjugate Bostezar?

Conjugate the verb bostezar:

  1. yo bostezo. tú bostezas.
  2. …él ha bostezado… …nosotros bostezamos… …vosotros bostezabais…
  3. bostezarás.
  4. bostezarías.

What are the conjugations of IR?

Ir conjugation: basic forms

Subject Present Preterite
vas fuiste
él, ella, Usted va fue
nosotros vamos fuimos
vosotros vais fuisteis

What is the present perfect conjugation of IR?


Present I go, am going vas
Present Perfect I have gone has ido
Imperfect I was going, used to go, went ibas
Preterite I went fuiste

Is Dormir a reflexive verb?

Reflexive verbs you can only do to yourself. So dormir is just the general term, He’s sleeping, they sleep I sleep, but with the reflexive, it’s “I’m putting myself to sleep”, he’s putting himself to sleep.

What tense is ir a infinitive?

Yo voy (ir) a (a) caminar (infitive). Tú vas (ir) a (a) saber (infinitive). Nosotros vamos (ir) a (a) correr (infinitive)….Refresh the Present.

Pronoun Ir conjugation
Yo voy
Él/ella/usted va
Nosotros vamos

How do you use IR conjugation?

Ir is one of only three irregular imperfect verbs. Here’s that conjugation; notice that, like regular verbs, the first-person and third-person singular forms (yo and usted) are the same….Conjugating the Irregular Spanish Verb Ir (to Go)

Conjugation Translation
usted va You (formal) go
nosotros vamos We go
vosotros váis You all (informal) go
ellos/ellas van They go