How do you change the size of a caption in HTML?

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How do you change the size of a caption in HTML?

caption font-size: 90%;text-align: right; 5. caption font-weight: bold; / color: yellow; 8.

Is there a caption tag in HTML?



defines the title of a table in the HTML document. Browsers traditionally render the text found in the

tag above the table, but you can change this behavior with the CSS caption-side property. This tag is also commonly referred to as the


How do you center a caption in HTML?

Centering. As described above, the caption text can be centered relative to the image by setting a width the text and using align=”center” (HTML) or text-align: center (CSS) for it.

What is a table caption?

A caption functions like a heading for a table. Most screen readers announce the content of captions. Captions help users to find a table and understand what it’s about and decide if they want to read it. If the user uses “Tables Mode”, captions are the primary mechanism to identify tables.

What is the role of caption tag?

The caption tag is used to specify the caption of a table. This tag will be inserted just after the

tag. Only one caption can be specified for one table. It is by default aligned to the center.

What is Q tag in HTML?

: The Inline Quotation element The HTML element indicates that the enclosed text is a short inline quotation. Most modern browsers implement this by surrounding the text in quotation marks.

How do you style a table caption?



defines a table caption. The

tag must be inserted immediately after the

tag. Tip: By default, a table caption will be center-aligned above a table. However, the CSS properties text-align and caption-side can be used to align and place the caption.