How do you answer a 6 mark question in chemistry?

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How do you answer a 6 mark question in chemistry?

It is wise to plan your answer first by making some notes. This will help you to include all the key points….Six-mark questions

  1. support explanations using scientific knowledge and understanding.
  2. use appropriate scientific words.
  3. write clearly and link ideas in a logical way.
  4. maintain a sustained line of reasoning.

How do you start a 6 mark question?

Six-mark questions will start with command words such as ‘Describe…’ or ‘Explain…’. ‘Calculate…’ or ‘Determine…’ for maths questions. ‘Define…’ to give the meaning of an important word. ‘Suggest…’ where you use your knowledge in an unfamiliar situation.

How long should a six mark question be?

As a general rule of thumb in exams, one mark approximately equates to one minute of time spent on the question. Some questions are much quicker to tackle than that and so it’s reasonably safe to assume that around 8–10 minutes for a six-mark question is a good target.

How do you write a six marker?

For a 6 marker, you should be developing 2 distinct points, totalling 4 marks, and then providing a well reasoned evaluation as a conclusion for the last 2 marks. For the two distinct points, it is important to read the question carefully as it may not be simply a point for and against a certain topic.

How do you answer a science question?

First, listen to the entire question to make sure you understand it; do not interrupt the questioner. Then, make sure the other attendees understand the question: If they might not have heard it, repeat it; if they heard it but might not understand it, rephrase it.

How much should you write for a 6 mark question in geography?

For 6 mark questions, it would be sensible to make 3 relevant points and give 3 good explanations to achieve full marks.

How do you answer a 7 mark question in geography?

When answering a 7 mark question it is important to remember to give three well explained points. So find a point in the source, then develop it making sure you pull information from the source not just from your knowledge of the topic.

How long is a 5 mark question?

Aim for a paragraph with 6-8 lines of writing. Remember not to spend too much time on your 5 marker though, as it is worth 12.5% of the marks for a section, and move on to your 10 marker if you spend 2 minutes more on it than you should.

How to write a six mark question in chemistry?

Write your answer in a logical sequence of steps and include the expected observations and how you would interpret your observations. [6 marks] This question has been written by a Bitesize consultant as a suggestion to the type of question that may appear in an exam paper.

What are the different types of six Mark questions?

Question types will include multiple choice, structured, mathematical and practical questions. Six-mark questions are extended open response questions. These require longer answers than the structured questions that have fewer marks. It is wise to plan your answer first by making some notes.

Do you have to write all six marks?

The answers shown here give marking points as bullet points. You do not usually need to include all of them to gain six marks, but you do need to write in sentences, linking them logically and clearly. A student is provided with a sample of a gas and asked to identify it.