How do Norwegians pronounce J?

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How do Norwegians pronounce J?

J is pronounced as English y. Ki, kj and tj are pronounced as the h in English huge (with more friction) or the ch in German ich, e.g. kirke ‘church’. O especially when long is u-like. For example, o in sola ‘the sun’ is, ironically, close the vowel in English moon.

How do you pronounce Z in Norwegian?

The alphabet by itself does not express the difference between long and short vowels….The Norwegian and English letters compared.

Norwegian letter English reference
y No equivalent
z Pronounced as /s/, cf. «zoom» – /su:m/
æ Like < a > in «bad»

What does æ mean in Norwegian?

In Icelandic, æ represents the diphthong [ai], which can be long or short. In Danish and Norwegian, æ is a separate letter of the alphabet that represents a monophthong.

What are some Norwegian words?

Words of Old Norse origin such as. Hell, gift, egg, skid, skill, steak, they, their, plus many more. And even more exist in dialects in Scotland and the North of England, words such as: kirk, arse, bairn, beck, cleg, dale, flit, reek, sark.

What are common Norwegian phrases?

– Hello – Hallo – Goodbye – Ha det – Good morning – God morgen – Good afternoon – God ettermiddag – Good evening – God kveld – How are you? – Hvordan har du det? – Nice to meet you – Hyggelig å møte deg – Do you speak English? – Snakker du engelsk?

How do I learn Norwegian?

Ways to Learn Norwegian. There are several options available when learning how to speak Norwegian: hiring a private tutor, enrolling in a language course (in school or online), studying alone with a CD-ROM or audio course, joining an exchange program, or practicing conversational Norwegian with a native speaker (a so-called tandem partner).