How do I track my order on StubHub?

2021-03-21 by No Comments

How do I track my order on StubHub?

On the StubHub app

  1. Go to ‘My tickets’
  2. Scroll to the bottom.
  3. Tap ‘View order history’

How do I clear my history on the StubHub app?

Click ‘More tools’ then ‘Clear browsing data…’ Choose a time range (If you want to clear everything, select ‘All time’) Check ‘Cookies and other data’ and ‘Cached images and files’ Click ‘Clear data’

How do I contact StubHub?

00 1 415-222-8400
StubHub/Customer service

How long does StubHub take to process?

While it’s rare, it sometimes takes up to 1 hour for orders to process. We appreciate your patience! When your tickets are ready, we’ll send you a confirmation email. You can also see your tickets by going to ‘My tickets’ then Orders.

Where do I find my StubHub access code?

You have an access code

  1. Using the most updated version of the StubHub app. Tap ‘My tickets’ At the bottom, tap the link in ‘Have an access code?
  2. On a computer or in a mobile web browser (if the StubHub app isn’t available in your country) Use the guest order lookup.

What is StubHub phone number?

Does StubHub sell real tickets?

The company is entirely legitimate and has the right to sell or resell all the tickets on its website. It’s not hard to find customer complaints related to actually getting their tickets after purchasing them. However, StubHub is also one of the few ticket resellers who guarantee the legitimacy of their tickets.

Does StubHub ever sell fake tickets?

Unfortunately, fake StubHub tickets happen, as I learned at Kaskade’s Pier 94 concert Saturday night. put it, is like “ticket insurance.” Basically “FanProtect” is StubHub’s promise that you will receive the tickets you ordered before the event and they won’t be fake, but that’s not always how it works.