How do I submit a fit meter reading?

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How do I submit a fit meter reading?

If you have received a request from us to submit your quarterly FIT meter reading, simply complete the form below.

  1. Your meter. Installation ID: Please enter your installation ID.
  2. Meter serial number: Please enter your meter serial number.
  3. Contact details. Email address: Please enter your email.

How do I read my Scottish Power meter?

Download the App Online If you have an online account, log in to MyAccount and select Enter Meter Reading. It’s as simple as that. Log in or register Phone Call our 24 hour automated meter reading service and give your meter readings over the phone. Call free on 0800 027 8000 Need help reading your meters?

How do I get a meter reading from my Scottish Power Smart meter?

To read your key meter follow these steps: press the blue button until screen H appears and note your reading. If your meter also displays screens J and L (for 2 and 3 rate meters) please also note the readings on these screens.

How do I find my Scottish Power Fit number?

The FIT ID is an 8 digit number and can be found on page 2 of your welcome letter.

How do I set up a feed-in tariff?

Here’s an overview of how to apply for a Feed-In Tariff:

  1. Choose and install your generating equipment. Options include solar panels, ground-source heat pumps, air-source heat pumps and wind turbines.
  2. Get in touch with your electricity supplier and register for a Feed-In Tariff with them.
  3. That’s it!

Is electricity cheaper at night Scottish Power?

Please check with ScottishPower for suitability. Day rate is 08.00-23.30. Night rate is 23.30-08.00.

Is Scottish Power expensive?

ScottishPower price rise in 2021 These are typically the most expensive type of tariff on offer. In February 2021, Ofgem announced it could be increasing its price cap rate from April 2021. After this date, the maximum cost for average usage on a standard variable tariff is set at £1,138 per year.

Are Scottish Power smart meters free?

The installation of your smart meter is completely free and as part of the installation we also provide you with an In-Home Display (IHD) that allows you to monitor your energy usage.

How do I find my fit number?

Your FIT ID number, sometimes called @number is a unique identification number assigned to an individual at FIT. FIT ID numbers consist of the at-sign (@) followed by eight digits. Example @01234567. To view your FIT ID number log in to MyFIT.

How do I find my feed in tariff ID?

Where can I find my FIT ID? Please check your Feed-in tariff statement of terms or any other correspondence sent by Solarplicity.

Where is the fit page on Scottish Power?

Once again Scottish Power have revamped their pages and lost the link to entering FIT readings. It’s under the Energy Efficiency / Toolkit /FIT structure but there’s no link that way. I had to search for it.

Where do I go to get Scottish power readings?

You can submit your readings via the webpage here: or by using our automated telephone system by calling 0800 001 5156 and selecting option 1.

Do you have to pay for fit meter readings?

There is no direct access to fit meter readings from this app, you are re directed and have to log in again. Why/? Also why does it take over a month for payment to be made.

How can I get a reading on my feed in tariff meter?

The easiest way to give us readings is to use our Feed-In Tariff meter read form. It only takes a couple of minutes. Please note – you should only use this online form if we’ve asked you for readings. Please don’t use it to give us your start readings.