How do I prepare for the OCJP exam?

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How do I prepare for the OCJP exam?

Practical Tips to Crack Oracle Java Certifications (OCAJP and OCPJP)

  1. Join an Online Course.
  2. Read a Study Guide.
  3. Write Code Daily.
  4. Participate in CodeRanch Forum.
  5. Solve Practice Questions from Book.
  6. Practice Mock Exams.

How do I become an Oracle Java programmer?

Steps to Become an Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) Java SE 8 Programmer

  1. Step 1: Prepare to take the required OCA exam by taking beginner and intermediate Java SE 8 training and gaining practical, hands-on experience.
  2. Step 2: Take and pass the Java SE Programmer I exam (1Z0-808).

How long is the Java certification exam?

150 minutes
This exam is one of two steps to earning the title of Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) Java SE 8 Programmer….Table 1. Details for the OCA Java SE 8 Programmer I exam (1Z0-808)

Exam number 1Z0-808
Passing score 65%
Time duration 150 minutes
Pricing US$300
Type of questions Multiple choice

How do I become a Sun Certified Java programmer?

Step 1: Prepare to take the required OCP exam sequence by taking advanced Java SE 8 training and gaining practical, hands-on experience. Step 2: Earn your Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) Java SE 8 Programmer credential by passing the Java SE Programmer I exam (1Z0-808).

Is OCJP certification useful?

There are many benefits and reasons for why Java certifications like SCJP, also known as OCPJP is useful for Java programmers, and everybody has their reasons for getting certified. I know everybody has their reason to go for Oracle certification, but better salary, more job opportunities, and recognition top the list.

Is Java Certification hard?

A Java certification is highly regarded in the IT Industry and provides a Java developer with recognition worldwide. Oracle’s Java Certification has a tough passing percentage, close to 65% for both OCAJP (the Oracle Certified Associate Java Programmer) and OCPJP (the Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer).

Is Java certification exam hard?

Is OCP harder than OCA?

OCP is the second certification and OCA is its prerequisite. Just by the length of the book (almost 600 pages!), we get the idea that this exam is harder. Yes, it requires much more study, but I learned LOTS from it. The key to succeed for the OCP is to practice a lot.

Do you have to be certified to take the ocpjp?

The OCPJP exam is also called Java SE Programmer II exam. Note that you must be certified with the OCAJP first as a prerequisite for taking the OCPJP. Here’s the summary information of the OCPJP exam, version for Java SE 8 – Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 8 Programmer or Java SE 8 Programmer II:

Which is the latest version of the ocajp exam?

Oracle′s Java SE Programmer I (OCAJP) Exam to achieve Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE Programmer Certification. This is the entry level of Java Certification. For every new version of Java, this exam will be updated with the new changes in the Java technology. The latest version of this certification is Java SE 8 Programmer I (1Z0-808).

Is the OCJP exam written for Java SE 8?

This exam has been written for the Java SE 8 release. When there are differences in the currencies accepted by Oracle University and the test vendor (Pearson VUE) for a particular country, the exam price (Fees for Vocher) will be provided in the currency offered by Oracle University.

What are the study materials for the ocpjp?

OCPJP Study Materials Nam Ha Minh is certified Java programmer (SCJP and SCWCD). He started programming with Java in the time of Java 1.4 and has been falling in love with Java since then. Make friend with him on Facebook and watch his Java videos you YouTube.