How do I open the lurker at Fort Gate?

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How do I open the lurker at Fort Gate?

In order to get the Power Cell to open the gate to the Lurker Fort, you need to take the rightmost path from the beginning of Snowy Mountain and work your way past the ice pond. After you cross the pond, head to the bridge on the right side that will take you to a Flut Flut.

How do I deactivate the precursor blockers?

To deactivate a Precursor blocker, you will need to properly time a double jump or high jump to get over the shield surrounding it and land on the top of the button.

Where is the last Lurker Glacier troop?

The last one is located underground. Head towards the lurker fort and turn around while facing it, walk towards the bridge and jump down. Here turn around again and you’ll see another red eco vent and a number of platforms along the cliff wall heading right.

How do you open the frozen crate in Jak and Daxter?

Walkthrough. When entering Snowy Mountain continue straight ahead across the gap and into the ice cave. Partway through you’ll find a locked yellow eco vent, which requires Find the yellow vent switch to be completed to be unlocked.

Where is the yellow vent switch in Jak and Daxter?

While facing the front of the Lurker fort, turn right and head straight. There will be a small cluster of pine trees concealing the entrance to a cavern filled with various Precursor mechanisms.

Where is the last dark eco crystals in spider cave?

The last of the Dark Crystals can be found in the Dark Cave. At the fourth crystal that you can hit to light up the room you can head to the left to find a body of water. Dive down to the bottom to touch and set off the last of the Dark Crystals and you will be awarded a Power Cell.

How do you turn on the yellow eco vent in Spider Cave?

Grab the power cell to automatically activate it and unlock yellow eco vents throughout the world. To get back safely, jump back down to the entrance with the pine trees.

How do you get under the ice in the snowy mountains?

On the part with the floating platforms traversing up an icy slope, there’s a group of trees to the left. Walk behing them to a secret cave. Make your way through, and soon you’ll be under the ice!

How many dark eco crystals are in Spider Cave?

five dark eco crystals
Walkthrough. in Spider Cave, there is a total of five dark eco crystals located throughout the level.

Where is the blue vent switch in Jak and Daxter?

You will have to jump on top of a few moving platforms to cross bottomless pits and avoid any vines. After three gaps, you will find the vent switch. Take the power cell and by doing so automatically activate the switch. From this point on, any and all locked blue eco vents are now free-flowing.

Where are all the scout flies in snowy mountain?

All Scout Flies in the Area Snowy Mountain

  • Down inside the first crevasse gap which you should cross with a roll jump.
  • In the frozen hallway.
  • In front of the mountain, to the right of the fort.
  • Behind the mountain to the right of the fort.
  • In the middle of the fort on top of the wooden construction in the middle.

How do you activate the yellow ECO in Spider Cave?

Towards the end, you will find the yellow vent switch. Grab the power cell to automatically activate it and unlock yellow eco vents throughout the world. To get back safely, jump back down to the entrance with the pine trees.

Who are the Lurkers in Jak and Daxter?

They were the primary antagonizing faction in The Precursor Legacy, led by Gol Acheron and his sister Maia, and became slaves in the Haven City -era during Jak II, before they were liberated after the death and superseding of the tyrant Baron Praxis towards the end of the second game.

Who is Keira in Jak and Daxter?

Keira is a prominent supporting character in the Jak and Daxter series, the daughter of Samos Hagai, and Jak ‘s primary love interest. She is perhaps best known as a talented mechanic, inventor, and racer, having ultimately invented the zoomers, designed and rebuilt a replica of the Rift Rider, and also raced in the Kras City Grand Championship.

Where did Jak and Daxter go to the future?

Keira, along with Jak, Daxter, and Samos, traveled to the future in Haven City using the Rift Rider and Rift Gate found at the end of The Precursor Legacy. Jak and Samos were imprisoned (in different cases) and Daxter spent two years trying to find his friends.

What did Keira do in the Precursor Legacy?

Keira played a prominent role during The Precursor Legacy as she was the inventor of the A-Grav Zoomer which Jak and Daxter used to transport over lava and passes in order to further their journey north. Keira happened to be working on the zoomer just as it is revealed that Jak and Daxter could not teleport their way to Gol’s citadel.