How do I make my watch band smaller?

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How do I make my watch band smaller?

How to shorten a stretch watch band:

  1. Remember to work on soft ground.
  2. Take a small flat screwdriver and place it between a pin on the side of the watch band.
  3. Then remove the pins upwards.
  4. When that’s done, you also remove the pin on the other side of the band in the same way.
  5. Remove some links or add some.

Can you tighten a watch without removing links?

Just put it a little loose. A little tight will not be comfortable. It is new that is why you feel it doesn’t fit your wrist. After some breaking in it will fit you.

Where can I go to adjust my watch band?

Do you? You can take your watch to any jeweler in your area that can remove links from watch to adjust to your wrist size. Even Macy*s will do it for free!

Can you resize a watch yourself?

If your watch has a metal strap then it’s likely not easily adjustable, it has set size links which need to be added or removed in order to resize it. The good news is that you don’t need to take it to the manufacturer or a jeweler to resize, you can do it yourself with just a couple of tools you’ve likely already got.

Can you remove watch links yourself?

If you’re not confident about removing watch links yourself or don’t have the right tools, you can leave it to the professionals. Watch repair shops, key cutting places, and jewelry stores offer this service for a small fee.

How do you resize a metal watch band?

Screw-Based Band. Set the watch face down on a soft cloth. This will protect the watch from being scratched. Locate the screw heads on the links closest to the buckle. Unscrew the link using the small screwdriver. Hold the opposite side with a second screwdriver if the link will not unscrew. Repeat step 3 to remove all needed links.

How can you tell if your watch band is removable?

Look for small arrows on the back of the bracelet links, indicating which links are removable. Make sure to only remove links with arrows, the rest of the links are not designed to be removed. Place your watch band in the holder so that the arrows are pointing down.

How many links should I take out of my watch band?

When possible try to take out an even number of links from each side of the band, so that your watch will be balanced and sit evenly on your wrist. For example, if two links need to be removed total, you should be removing one link from each side of the clasp.

What are the pins on a watch band made of?

On some watch bands, the pin is paired with two small metal tubes called ferrules that hold it in place at either end of the link. U PIN or L PIN DESIGN The “U pin” or “L pin” design is made up of a simple system of a U shaped or L shaped flat metal pins with friction bumps that holds the links together.