How do I get Portal 2 sound files?

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How do I get Portal 2 sound files?

All the sound files in the game are in the WAV format, stored within the VPK (Valve Package) files. There will be a directory structure visible in the program, browse to \root\sound\ and look through the subdirectories for sound effects.

How do you make GLaDOS say anything?

Simply select a source (Portal, Half-Life, etc), then select the character you would like to emulate, and choose an emotion for the adapted speech. Input whatever you would like the character in question to say (with a 200-character limit), and voila!

Why does GLaDOS sound more human in Portal 2?

Portal 2 was originally not intended to feature GLaDOS or Chell, the player-character from Portal. Wheatley and GLaDOS served as a contrasts to each other; where GLaDOS has a more “computery-sounding” voice due to her intelligence, Wheatley “sounded perfectly human” due to his lack of it.

What do the turrets say in Portal 2?

Turret Deaths “I don’t blame you.” “I don’t hate you.” “No hard feelings.”

How do I open Portal 2 files?

Put . DEM file in “…Steam\steamapps\common\portal 2\portal2”. 2. Press Shift+F2 to open Demoplayback and open file.

Is there a sound file for Portal 2?

Okay, so I have Portal 2 on my PC. I would like to use one of its sound effects for a little project, so I started searching the installed files. Well, eventually I found a bunch of “sound” files. I tried to run them, but apparently I can’t. When I go to properties, the file type says: Sound on format AU (.snd)

Who is the voice of GLaDOS in Portal 2?

A Portal 2 themed voice pack featuring a passive-aggressive mass murdering rogue opera singer. Since I don’t own the dlc I made this pack with regular soldiers in mind, so cues that aren’t used on SPARK units like psi-abilities and panic have lines. Assets used belong to Valve and Telltale Games. GLaDOS is voiced by Ellen McLain.

What are the voice lines in Portal 2?

Announcer: ” Good morning. You have been in suspension for nine nine nine… nine nine ni- This courtesy call is to inform you that all test subjects should immediately vacate [FADES OUT] ” | Download | Play Wheatley: ” Hello?

What does the announcer say in Portal 2?

Announcer: ” You will hear a buzzer. When you hear the buzzer, look up at the ceiling. [BUZZER] ” | Download | Play Announcer: ” Good. You will hear a buzzer. When you hear the buzzer, look down at the floor.