How do I find my RBC branch number?

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How do I find my RBC branch number?

You can also go into your Online Banking, under “Bank Accounts”. Beside each account, you will find a 5-digit transit number (before hyphen) and a 7-digit account number (after hyphen). The institution number for RBC is 003. Or, you can call us at 1-800 ROYAL 1-1 or visit your branch to get this information.

What is my RBC Swift code?


What time is RBC Open till today?

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Branch Hours:
Mon: 9:30 – 5:00
Fri: 9:30 – 5:00
Sat: closed
Sun: closed

Where can I find the Swift Code of my bank?

You can usually find your bank’s BIC/ SWIFT code in your bank account statements. If you’re using an online bank, log into your digital bank account to easily view your bank statement.

Does RBC have a toll free number?

Call our Client Advice Centre at 8001RBC (722) (Use within Trinidad and Tobago only)/ 18686251083 (International Use). Visit us online and post your comments under Suggestions, Compliments & Complaints.

Does RBC have 24 hour customer service?

Call 888-257-6837, Customer Service Representatives are available 24/7. Interested in participating in RBC Rewards?

What is a bank branch number?

A bank’s branch number, which is different than either its routing number or your account number, is used to identify different branch locations in the same area. You can find a bank’s branch number in several locations.

What is a transit number for a bank?

A routing transit number is a nine-digit number used to identify a bank or financial institution when clearing funds or processing checks. The American Bankers Association (ABA) established routing transit numbers in 1910. These numbers are also used in online banking and clearinghouses for financial transactions.

What is the routing number for RBC in Saskatoon?

Routing Number (EFT): 000309873. Transit Number: 09873. Financial Institution No.: 003. MICR Code: 09873-003. Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) BB-Sales & Service Group-Saskatoon Branch. Saskatoon, SK.

Where is the Royal Bank of Canada located?

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Branch Name. 8th & Goodwin Branch. Routing Number. 000307758. Transit Number (MICR) 07758-003. Address.

What is the routing number for Royal Bank of Canada?

Routing number for Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) have two formats: 1. Paper Transaction Routing Number: Routing transit number for paper items (or MICR-encoded items) is in the format of XXXXX-YYY which is comprised of a five-digit branch transit number (XXXXX) and a three-digit financial institution number (YYY). 2.