How do I find a shop by GST number?

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How do I find a shop by GST number?

2. GST Identification Number Format

  1. First 2 numbers → State code of the registered person.
  2. Next 10 characters → PAN of the registered person.
  3. Next number→ Entity number of the same PAN.
  4. Next character → Alphabet Z by default.
  5. Last number → Check code which may be alpha or digit, used for detection of errors.

Can we find GST number by name?

No, it is not possible to find GST number by name for all tax payers. You can find details by name of below tax payers: List of tax payers shared by state governments. Business who have shared GSTIN on their website.

How do I find my farm name by GST number?

Steps to search for GSTIN using name are as follows.

  1. Visit GST by name search tool.
  2. Type the name of company, person or firm.
  3. Click on search button.
  4. Add state name to search within state.

What is GST number for business?

GSTIN or Goods and Services Tax Identification Number is a unique 15-digit number, which has replaced the Tax Identification Number (TIN). Before GST was implemented, dealers registered under the state VAT law were given a unique TIN number by the respective state tax authorities.

How do I find out GST paid by supplier?

Steps to track GST payment status online before logging

  1. Step 1- Go to the GST portal.
  2. Step 2- Enter in your GSTIN and the CPIN.
  3. Step 3- The status of the challan gets displayed for your further action.
  4. Case 1: If status is displayed as ‘PAID’
  5. Case 2: If status is displayed as ‘NOT PAID’.
  6. Step 1- Login to the GST portal.

How do I know if GST is active?

How to Check Existing GST Registration Status

  1. Step 1: Go to GST Portal. Visit the GST Portal.
  2. Step 2: Enter the GSTIN Number. Enter the GSTIN number of the supplier or customer in the place provided and complete the CAPTCHA.
  3. Step 3: GST Registration Application Status.

Is GST registration mandatory for small business?

However, any business whose turnover exceeds Rs 40 lakh in a financial year is required to register under GST. Also, a composition scheme has been introduced under GST for small businesses operating in India. This scheme provides for a lower amount of tax for the businesses having turnover up to Rs 1.5 crore in a year.

Can I get GST number without business?

However, it’s not mandatory to register a company to get a GSTIN number. You can get your GSTIN as a sole proprietor or as a partnership business as well. Whatever be the type of the business, you need to provide the details of it, before proceeding with how to apply for the GSTIN number.

How do I find my 8 digit HSN code?

In the 8 digit structure of an HSN Code, the first 2 digits define the Chapter, at 4 digit level are the headings, at 6 digit are the subheadings and finally at 8 digit are the tariff items.

How do I check a company’s GST refund?

Open the common portal: Enter your valid credentials on the login page….Maneuver the cursor and click Service > Returns > Track Return Status.

  1. Go to Return Filing Period.
  2. Choose the financial year in which the return has been filed from the drop-down list.
  3. Enter the Search button.

How to check GST number on GST portal?

Visit GST website

  • Click on Search Taxpayer
  • UIN
  • Enter GSTIN or UIN of tax payer
  • Enter captcha
  • Click on SEARCH button
  • How to get GST numbers?

    Here are the steps on how to get GST number: • Visit the official website of GST and click on the ‘Services’ tab • Hover over the ‘Registration’ option and click on ‘New Registration’ • In the drop-down menu, ‘I am a’ choose taxpayer • Then, select the state and district of your business. Then, enter the business name, PAN number, mobile number and email id

    Can a person have a GST number?

    Persons and business entities, whether small (including start-ups), medium, or large organizations registering under GST are provided with a unique identification number known as GSTIN (GST Identification Number), or simply called a GST Number.

    What does the GST number show?

    A goods and services tax (GST) number is a unique tax identification number assigned to a business by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). It’s also known as a business number (BN), because, in addition to being used to collect, report and remit GST and harmonized sales tax (HST), it identifies other business dealings your company has with the CRA.