How do I download emoticons for Sametime in Lotus Notes?

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How do I download emoticons for Sametime in Lotus Notes?

Launch Lotus Notes. Click “File” and “Preferences.” Expand the “Sametime” button by clicking the “+” sign. Click “Emoticon Palettes.” Select the palette that you want. Import and save the palette.

How do you get smiley faces in Lotus Notes?

Adding emojis to messages

  1. Activate the Touch keyboard by clicking the keyboard icon in the taskbar.
  2. Click the smiley face on the on-screen keyboard.
  3. Scroll through the emojis by using the left and right arrows or by clicking the category buttons.
  4. Click the emoji that you want to use. +

How do I insert a GIF into Lotus Notes Sametime?

Click on the “Picture” option and then choose “GIF” from the pull-down menu. Go to the folder location of the animated GIF that you want to embed in the email. Click and highlight the file. Click the “Import” button to add the animated GIF.

How do I save chat history in Lotus Notes Sametime?

Click the plus sign (+) beside Sametime in the navigation pane. Click Chat History. Under Saving chat transcripts, for the Default action field, select Automatically save chats.

How do I open Sametime in Lotus Notes?

How to use Sametime

  1. Clicking the Log In option on the Sametime panel if available.
  2. Selecting the Sametime icon and then select Log In from the menu. When we log in, our current status will default to available; however, there are other status options available for us to select from.

Is it possible to import Sametime emoticons in Lotus Notes?

Sametime is an instant messenger (IM) created by IBM and also a part of Lotus Notes suite. It is possible to import emoticons in your IM. Here are the steps which explains this process:

What kind of emoticons do you use in Sametime?

Emoticons are cartoon-like depictions of facial expressions that include smiles, frowns and winks. Sametime, or IBM Lotus Instant Messaging & Web Conferencing, features a built-in instant messaging system. Launch Lotus Notes. Click “File” and “Preferences.”

How do you import emoticons into Sametime instant Messanger?

Click the pull-down menu and select a palette name under which you want to import the emoticons or you can also Click the “New” button to create a new palette name if you need. Step 4: Click the “Import” button and choose the emoticons you want to import into Sametime Instant Messanger.