How do I contact VicRoads?

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How do I contact VicRoads?

How to contact us:

  1. Call: 13 11 71 (8.30am – 5pm Monday – Friday.
  2. Visit: Customer Service Centres (Monday to Friday).
  3. Email: Feedback and Enquiries form.
  4. Interpreter services: Victorian Interpreter and Translating Service, telephone (03) 9208 0783 (8.30am-5pm Monday to Friday)

Is VicRoads open?

Our Customer Service Centres are open. We strongly encourage our customers not to visit in person unless the matter is urgent and cannot be done online or over the phone. If you do visit, you should attend your closest VicRoads Customer Service Centre (External link) wherever possible.

Who is responsible for roads in Victoria?

Councils in Victoria are responsible for the planning, construction and maintenance of some of the roads within their area. They are also responsible for some management and restrictions on the use of local roads, and the management and enforcement of parking regulations.

How do I make a complaint to VicRoads?

Options to make a complaint

  1. Fill out the online feedback form providing as much detail as possible.
  2. call VicRoads contact centre on 13 11 71.
  3. call Regional Roads Victoria contact centre on 133 RRV (133 778)
  4. visit a VicRoads Customer Service Centre.
  5. write to VicRoads at:
  6. write to RRV at:

How do you get through to VicRoads?

Message us

  1. For urgent road and traffic enquiries call 13 11 70.
  2. For urgent registration and licensing enquiries call 13 11 71.
  3. Visit VicTraffic (External link) for information on traffic conditions or roadworks.
  4. Major road project information can be found at Major Road Projects Victoria (External link)

Why is my VicRoads account disabled?

check that your learner permit or driver licence is valid. Even if you have a myVicRoads account, you won’t be able to log in if your learner permit or licence isn’t valid.

How much does it cost to get your learners in Victoria?

Test fees

Appointment type Requirements Fee
Learner Permit Test Online Total $24.90
Learner Permit Test In-person In-person test $24.90
Appointment $19.20
Total $44.10

Can I have passengers in my car Victoria?

Can I have passengers in my car? You must not have anyone outside your household in your car unless it is otherwise not practical for the other person to drive themselves and the trip is for one of the permitted reasons.

What is the longest road in Victoria?

Longest Roads in Victoria

Road States Length (km)
Princes Highway in South Australia and Victoria 814 km
Murray Valley Highway in Victoria and New South Wales 643 km
Cobb Highway in New South Wales and Victoria 569 km
Calder Highway in Victoria and New South Wales 497 km

Who is responsible for roadside maintenance?

Local highway authorities – normally county, district or unitary councils – have a duty to keep public highways in good repair, and to repair any hazards or defects when they occur.

Can you sue Vic Roads?

If you suffer personal injury or property damage due to the condition of a road or road infrastructure, you may be entitled to compensation from the responsible road authority. VicRoads is not liable for loss or damage arising out of all incidents on roads.

Why is my Vic Roads account disabled?