How do I choose a diffuser size?

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How do I choose a diffuser size?

The air con diffuser sizing is determined by:

  1. The area to be cooled/heated.
  2. The dimensions of the area length and width.
  3. The aesthetics of the space.
  4. The height of the ceiling.
  5. Larger diffusers/ducts move more air with less static.
  6. Undersized diffusers will restrict airflow and create noise.
  7. Correct sizing is important.

When would you use a linear diffuser?

The reasons for this is simple:

  1. Linear diffusers offer a minimal and clean look.
  2. They take up less space and can be used on ceilings or walls.
  3. Linear diffusers can be used as an “air curtain” next to doors, large windows and entrances.
  4. They can also be easily hidden.

How do you calculate diffuser?

Measure air velocity at a minimum of two points along each active side of the diffuser to within 1½ inches of vane end, and find average value. 3. From Table select proper Ak factor size and model diffuser. Multiply the Ak factor by the average velocity to obtain volume of air (CFM) supplied through diffuser.

How do I size an air diffuser?

What is the difference between a register and a diffuser?

While similar to registers, a diffuser differs in terms of the airflow direction variability. A diffuser and its dampers are designed facing all-round, rather than a register’s single air direction. Many diffusers are found on ceilings, often covering an air-con or air release outlet.

How do you calculate CFM for a diffuser?

How many air diffusers are in a room?

If the room is longer than 5 metres, we recommend using multiple diffusers, spaced up to 6 metres apart and up to 3 metres from the wall. Ducted air conditioning will feel softer when the air is coming from many directions. Therefore, 2 smaller diffusers will provide softer air conditioning than 1 large diffuser.