How do I check my 4G data balance?

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How do I check my 4G data balance?

How to check Airtel data balance via USSD Code?

  1. Dial *123# to check the calling balance and validity of your Airtel mobile number.
  2. Dial *121# and enter 5 in order to check Airtel 3G/4g net balance using airtel codes.

How can check idea net balance in Kerala?

This page of Idea for Kerala is last updated on Friday, 26 March 2021….Idea Prepaid Kerala USSD codes, Customer Care number.

Description Code Is it working?
2G Data Balance *125# Yes (30) No (2)
3G Data Balance *125# Yes (30) No (3)
APN internet Yes (20) No (3)
Best Offers *121# Yes (21) No (0)

How do I check my current data usage?

Check your current data usage

  1. Open the Google Fi website or app .
  2. Go to the Account tab.
  3. At the top of the screen, you’ll see your current data usage. To see your daily breakdown, select View details or View details .

Is there an app to check daily data usage?

The instructions below should get you information about your data use.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap Connections.
  3. Tap Data usage.
  4. Tap Mobile data usage.
  5. The top of the screen displays your data usage for the current month (as determined by your billing cycle).

How do I find my data?

Checking Data Usage From an Android Device To check your current month’s usage on your Android phone, go to Settings > Connections > Data Usage. The screen shows your billing period and the amount of cellular data you’ve used so far. You can also set a mobile data limit on this screen.

Where do I find my data usage?

Navigate to Settings > Wireless & Networks > Data Usage. You’ll see a screen that looks something like the first screen here: If you scroll down, you will see the cellular data usage by app, as seen in the second screenshot above.

How can I Check my idea main balance?

If you want to check idea main balance which is talk time then you can simply dial one USSD code to get the information. There are difference USSD Codes for different balance checks.

How to check your idea prepaid data balance?

IDEA Prepaid or Postpaid mobile users can use the following USSD Codes to check Internet Balance online, 2G / 3G Data balance check or check main account balance. The USSD codes may vary in different circles or states, we have listed the most commonly used codes.

How to check idea net data balance with dongle?

For Idea balance check on Dongle or Net setter take the following steps : 1 Open NetSetter or Modem / dongle Application 2 Find for USSD option and click on it 3 Dial code : *125# OR *131*3# and Send. 4 You will receive Message with full details on Data left in Kb / Mb and validity of the plan

How to check idea balance, validity, Bal, customer?

Method 2: Dial *111# and then enter 1. Method 3: For Best Internet offers Dial *122#. Method 4: Dial 198 or 121 then press 4 to check offers. Method 5: Dial 198 or 121 then press 2 for internet and data information then again press 2, you will receive to offers on your idea number by sms.