How did the Grateful Dead song Bertha get its name?

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How did the Grateful Dead song Bertha get its name?

Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter wrote the words for this song, as he did for most Dead songs. Jerry Garcia wrote the music. For years the legend was that “Bertha” was named after an old fan (an actual mechanical fan, not a fan of the music) that would jump around the Grateful Dead’s office when turned on.

What does Garcia say in the song Bertha?

So, in “Bertha,” Garcia’s saying (with Hunter’s words) that he’s tired of running through the birth-death-reincarnation cycle over and over again. If we look at “Bertha” as “birth,” then the chorus: is a plea for escape from that cycle.

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Is the song Bertha a reference to Lady Chatterly?

“Birth (‘Bertha’ pun), death, and reincarnation.” This is one of those songs that can be listened to, and interpreted, and second-guessed at so many levels that it’s almost ridiculous. I’ve read a fairly convincing argument that the song is really a reference to Lady Chatterly’s Lover, by D.H. Lawrence.

What is the meaning of the song Bertha?

The simple surface interpretation of “Bertha” is that some unnamed character runs from a window, into a tree, and then into a bar, where he takes shelter from the rain. The song is fun and upbeat, so the silliness of the lyrics seems fitting.

Who was the White Lady in the Grateful Dead?

This portrayal has led to speculation that she was, in fact, the original Mother Goose. Also known as “The White Lady,” goddess of fertility, and protector of children, Bertha stole into nurseries at night and cared for the little ones while their mothers slept. In some versions of her tale, she tended the good children and punished the bad.

How did the Grateful Dead get their name?

Heck the name grateful dead is a spiritual name it itself; a soul that is so grateful to someone that is still alive in the real world that they spend their after life helping and assisting that person. There was an error. General Comment Pretty interesting commentary lol.