How did missionaries affect Nigeria?

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How did missionaries affect Nigeria?

The missionary activities in Nigeria, especially their educational programs helped to whip-up the consciousness of a shared identity and helped to train a new set of elite that championed the course of nationalism and constituted a virile leadership for the young nation at independence.

What was the impact of the missionaries?

The effects of missionaries on West Africa included a loss of cultural identity, a change in the unity of West Africa, an increase of nationalism, and a spread of Christianity due to trained black missionaries.

What did missionaries bring to Africa?

The blessings which Christianity has brought to West Africa are many. Apart from giving to the converts a new religious faith which they consider is superior to the traditional religions, the Christian missionaries did pioneering work in introducing new crafts, industries, Western education and modern health services.

How did missionaries help in the development of Africa?

In 19th century sub-Saharan Africa, missions invested in numerous activities, amongst which were education, health care and printing. Protestant missionaries pioneered the development of a written tradition for sub-Saharan African languages.

Who brought Christianity to Nigeria?

Christianity came to Nigeria in the 15th century through Augustinian and Capuchin monks from Portugal. The first mission of the Church of England was, though, only established in 1842 in Badagry by Henry Townsend.

What are the challenges of missionary education in Nigeria?

Thus the major problems of early missionary schools in Nigeria can be highlighted below;

  • Resistance and hostility from the local communities.
  • Denominational conflicts among the Christian groups themselves.
  • Hostile weather conditions.
  • Strange and dangerous diseases such as malaria and sleeping sickness.

What impact did missionaries have on indigenous people?

Missionaries often show little respect for the cultures of indigenous peoples. On the contrary, they overtly undermine the confidence of indigenous peoples by robbing them of their beliefs and faith in themselves.

What was the impact of missionaries on health?

With consistent and continued emphasis on positive health practices, illness among missionaries has been reduced by an average of 75 percent in the past three years. That translates into a great reduction in time lost from missionary work and also a reduction in the cost of treatment.

What was the main aim of missionaries?

The most important duty of missionaries to teach people about Jesus Christ, and His great commandment to love God and to love others. This means ensuring that their actions not only fulfill a need but also are sustained after they have left the community.

What are the impact of the missionaries on education?

Even so, mission schools often provided a better quality education than what most whites had access to. The mission schools also did more than simply teach residents to read and write: they introduced European ideas and beliefs about family life into Coloured and black society.

Who are the missionaries that work in Nigeria?

Katie Morrison is a missionary with Mission Africa in Nigeria. Her position at Mission Africa is to oversee the short term mission teams and to help with outreach. She moved there after visiting Nigeria on mission trips and has worked with Mission Africa since 2010. One of the main goals of Mission Africa is to reach the Fulani people in Nigeria.

Why did the missionaries want to come to Africa?

Missionary efforts, though not necessarily tied to government activity, began concurrently and are sometimes considered as one and the same. Though the missionaries’ primary aim was to bring the gospel to Africans, some Africans consider Christianity a “white man’s religion” that was used to subdue and control them in the process of colonization.

How did the US Baptist Church influence Nigeria?

When they realized they were not effectively evangelizing other ethnic groups due to language and cultural differences, they asked Nigerian and US Baptists for assistance. Today, although many Nigerian churches embrace the prosperity gospel, most Yoruba Baptist churches remain theologically solid.

How is Nigeria a blessing to the world?

In some ways, it can be said to be a blessing to mankind, because the man did not work for it, but rather found it naturally hidden under the ground. Nigeria has crude oil deposits in abundance- as a matter of fact, it is the sixth-largest exporter of crude oil in the world market.