How can I go to Diu from Ahmedabad?

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How can I go to Diu from Ahmedabad?

The fastest way to reach from Ahmedabad to Diu is bus to Gondal, then cab to Diu and takes 7h 6m. The recommended way to reach from Ahmedabad to Diu is bus to Diugujarat and takes 8h 35m. Buses from Patel tours and travels, Shree jalaram viral, Asha Travels etc.

How can I reach Daman and Diu from Ahmedabad?

By Rail: There are no direct trains available between Ahmedabad and Daman and Diu. However, you can catch a train from Ahmedabad railway station to Somnath Junction which is at a distance of 63 km from Diu. By Road: Daman and Diu are well connected to Ahmedabad and other cities; hence, it is easily accessible by road.

How far is Diu from Somnath?

84 Kms
Distance Between Somnath to Diu

Distance between Somnath to Diu by Road is 84 Kms
Distance between Somnath to Diu by Flight is 64 Kms
Travel Time from Somnath to Diu by Road is 2:1 hrs
Nearest Airport in Somnath Diu Airport (20.89, 70.4)
Nearest Airport in Diu Diu Airport (20.71, 70.99)

How can I go to Diu from Ahmedabad by train?

There are total 3 trains running between Ahmedabad to Diu. Some major trains that run from Ahmedabad to Diu are Jabalpur Somnath Express, Jabalpur Somnath Express, Ahmedabad Smnh Express.

How many days is enough for Diu?

Two or three days are enough for Diu. over a year ago. You can stay there for 3-4 days max. If u have your own car then it is easy to get around everywhere.

Are Daman and Diu two different places?

After conferring statehood on Goa on 30 May, 1987, Daman and Diu was made a separate Union Territory. The neighbouring district of Daman is Valsad in Gujarat. Diu is an island connected by two bridges. The neighbouring district of Diu is Junagadh of Gujarat.

How can I go to Diu by train?

How to reach Diu by Rail. The nearest railhead to Diu is located nearly 90 km from the city in Veraval. One can take state bus or private bus to reach this place from Varaval Railway station.

Which is the best time to visit Diu?

Best time to visit this city is from November-February in winters. Monsoon comes early at this place as it’s near to sea and winds bring monsoon early here. Temperature of the city remains 23°C-37°C in monsoon with showers. Best time to visit Diu in monsoon is from August-October.

What is the best time to visit Diu?

Is liquor allowed in Diu?

Alcohol is legal in Diu, unlike in neighbouring Gujarat, so a lot of people come to Diu especially for drinking. Indian and foreign beer and spirits are widely available. Be aware that most of the vehicles leaving Diu are being checked right after the bridge to avoid illegal alcohol smuggling into Gujarat.