How big should follicles be on day 7?

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How big should follicles be on day 7?

Table 1

Potential to respond to rFSH
Good responders (AFC >15 & age 18–34 years)
Median follicle size (mm) Day 4 6.0 [5.3–6.0]
Day 5 7.0 [6.0–8.0]
Day 7 9.0 [7.0–10.5]

What should be the ideal size of follicle to get pregnant?

When your follicles have reached around 18-20mm in diameter they are deemed ready for egg collection. You’ll be given a hormone trigger injection to stimulate your follicles to release the mature eggs that have been prepared in your follicles.

How big do follicles need to be to ovulate?

Before ovulation occurs, the average diameter of the dominant follicle is 22 to 24 mm (range 18-36 mm). It is the only marker that can predict ovulation with ease.

Can I get pregnant with 10 mm follicle?

observed that fertilization rates are increased in oocytes from larger follicles on the day of oocyte retrieval (57.9% from 10 to 14 mm follicles, 69.9% from 16 to 22 mm follicles, 73.9% from 22 to 26 mm follicles) (22).

Is a 25 mm follicle good?

When the follicles reach an adequate size (normally around 18–25 mm), and we consider that there are a suitable number of oocytes, we schedule follicular puncture 36 hours after administering an injection of the hormone hCG. This causes the oocytes to mature in a similar way to the way they would in a natural cycle.

Can I get pregnant with 12 mm follicle?

Conclusions: The risk of multiple conceptions is related to > or = 18 mm follicles in addition to the total number of follicles >12 mm. Different protocol of ovulation induction revealed no relationship with the risk of multiple conceptions.

Is 24mm follicle too big?

Usually once the follicle is greater than 24 mms, the egg within is overmature and therefore no longer viable. Ovulation may occur but that is the main problem.

Can you O from a 15mm follicle?

Yes, you will O but probably only one of those eggs! They grow 1-2mm a day and I believe (but may be wrong on this….) should be about 20 or more to make enough estrogen to tell your body to make the LH so you can O. My CD14 ultrasound showed 3 follicles (16mm, 13mm, 12mm) and I did a trigger 2 days later with IUI.

How big should your follicles be before you trigger?

Your follicles are too small. Your smallest should be about 18mm before triggering and you shouldn’t trigger til around 14, 15, or 16 day of cycle because the follicles grow 2-3mm every 2 days if stimulated right.

Are there 15mm follicles on my right ovary?

This discussion is archived and locked for posting. I had an ultrasound on Monday which was CD12. It showed 15mm and 13mm follicles on my right ovary. Only did Femara 5mg days 5-9. The RE had talked about doing a trigger shot but after the ultrasound he felt that I’d O on my own.

Can a 20 mm follicle be a mature egg?

Follicle sizes don’t determine whether the egg is mature or not. There are so so many women triggering with a 20+ mm follicle and fuss about not being pregnant. Follicles are fluid and whether there is a mature egg or not in there, the dr couldn’t even tell you based on ultrasounds.