How big is the University of Helsinki in Finland?

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How big is the University of Helsinki in Finland?

The University of Helsinki is located in Finland. It is the oldest and largest institution of academic education in the country. The university is an international scientific community of 40,000 students and researchers. In international university rankings, the University of Helsinki typically ranks among the top 100.

Is the University of Helsinki considered an alumni?

Join us in making the world a better place! All graduates, exchange students and staff of the University of Helsinki are considered University alumni. Together we comprise Finland’s largest network of experts. There are already more than 35,000 of us. Join us!

How does the University of Helsinki support research?

The University of Helsinki believes that a researcher’s career should be protected by an employment contract. Foundations can support researchers at different stages of their careers by endowing dedicated employment positions.

How much is the Open University in Helsinki?

Det finns också å svenska: Hjärnstark : hur motion och träning stärker din hjärna (Anders Hansen) Enrolment to the Open University begins 45 days before the beginning of the course. NOTE! Course enrolment unavailable 15.-30.5

Is the University of Helsinki a good place to work?

In 2030, we want to be the best place to study, teach, research and work. Could the University of Helsinki be a good workplace for you too? Our multidisciplinary research university creates opportunities for cooperation that transcends borders between traditional fields of science.

Which is the best university in Finland to go to?

University of Helsinki is the best university in Finland and among the top 1 % of the world’s research universities.