How big is the map in Just Cause 2?

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How big is the map in Just Cause 2?

JC2 has a playable area of 1,035.55 square kilometers, although the map loads an infinite ocean. See Game limits. JC3 is about 45 by 45 kilometers, making it about 2,025 square kilometers. However there’s some empty sea around the map until the game pushes the player back at some distance.

Is Just Cause 2 like GTA?

Just Cause 2 is not precisely like GTA 5, but it is an exciting ride nonetheless. You start your quest on the island region of Panau, where you have a map of over 400 square miles to explore. There are plenty of vehicles to choose from, just like GTA 5.

Is Just Cause 2 map Bigger Than Just Cause 3?

The JC2 map just has a **lot** more going on, and way more variety. JC3 basically has seaside towns, one large ‘city’, and some mining sites up in the mountains.

Which GTA is best for low-end PC?

These are five of the best low-end PC games like GTA 5:

  1. Sleeping Dogs. Image via Pinterest. Like GTA 5, this game is also an open-world adventure game.
  2. Mafia II. Image via WallpaperSafari.
  3. Saints Row: The Third. Image via HipWallpaper.
  4. The Godfather II. Image via HipWallpaper.
  5. Far Cry 2. Image via Pinterest.

Is GTA 4 Better Than Just Cause 2?

GTA 4. I have played both games with over 50+ hours of game time on both, and i really liked both. But i think Just cause 2 is better because there is more things to do in it.

How big is Just Cause 2 compared to GTA 5?

GTA 5 vs. Just Cause 2 (map size comparison) GTA SA maps combined. It has wilderness’s, mountains, everything you would like In nature. The map is suspected to be huge. Then there is Just Cause 2 one of the biggest and best maps and have ever seen. The map is gigantic. It takes 7min20sec to cross the whole map with a Jet at top speed.

How big are the maps in GTA 5?

Size of the maps on the basis of Land Area (Image Courtesy: GTAForums) Based on the findings of KeWiS, the sizes of the following maps are presented based on their respective area types. Map size based on Land Area #5 GTA 3 = 4.38 square kilometers.

Which is bigger GTA 3 or GTA 5?

Map size based on Total Area. #5 GTA 3 = 8.12 square kilometers. #4 GTA: Vice City = 9.11 square kilometres. #3 GTA 4 = 16.14 square kilometers. #2 GTA: San Andreas = 38.2 square kilometres. #1 GTA 5 = 75.84 square kilometers. Based on the above measurements, we can conclude that GTA 5 is the biggest map in the series and GTA 3 is the smallest.

How is the size of a GTA determined?

The three areas are Total Area, Water Area and Land Area. Here are all the maps in the GTA series ranked based on their size: Based on the findings of KeWiS, the sizes of the following maps are presented based on their respective area types. #5 GTA 3 = 4.38 square kilometers. #4 GTA: Vice City = 5.62 square kilometres.